Spring 2007

Prevoiusly we reported the shocking decline into extreme profanities and attacks on the process of Krishna consciousness by the co-founder of ISKCON’s Great Guru Hoax, Satsvarupa Das (henceforward referred to in this article as “SD”, and formerly known as Satsvarupa Das “Goswami”, meaning “master of the senses”, before his illicit affair with a married woman).

Shockingly, as we now show below, SD has added mundane sex literature to his use of extreme profanities:

“Bold as she was, she placed his hands on her breasts. She then kissed him and placed her tongue in his mouth. His tongue also entered hers. She embraced him and by now he had a half erection […]

Braja dasa sat down and calmed his genitals […]

He didn’t want to stick his genital into some well formed beauty star. He wanted Sandy. And he had heard from a Godbrother who worked as a physical therapist that a man could even have sexual intercourse with a paraplegic […]
It’s not just a sticking in of a penis into a vagina. It’s the being together in the touching and the embracing that lead up to the mechanics and the orgasm.”

(Sanatorium, Gita Nagari Press, 2005, Satsvarupa Das, p.360, 361, 420)

The above represents only a small representative sample, as we have reproduced the minimum necessary to prove our point. The book actually contains much more by the way of such “sex literature” and profanities.

Some may wonder at the relevance of continuing to expose SD’s deviations, since following his falldown, it is assumed he was removed as acting as a diksa guru in ISKCON. However, this relates only to him taking on more disciples.

As a look at his website will show at least for the disciples he already has, it is “guru business” as usual, as evidenced by pictures of his “Vyasa-Puja” held in Mexico last year. (Vyasa-Puja is a festival where the guru is worshipped as “good as God” by his disciples).
(Pictured right is Vyasa puja in Trinidad 2007)

More relevant, however, is the fact, as mentioned previously, that a personality who is considered to be one the leading gurus in ISKCON, HH Bhakti Caru Swami (“BCS”), continues to assert that SD is “undoubtedly a very advanced devotee”.
Clearly therefore, it is necessary to demonstrate that neither is SD in a position to remain as diksaguru, and more importantly, by his inability to discriminate between a “very advanced” and fallen devotee, nor is BCS.

Srila Prabhupada has many times condemned such sex literature as against the principles of Krishna conscious life (naturally, we have had to highlight the above extracts from SD’s book to expose such “guru” hypocrisy):

“We should not waste our time simply reading these all nonsense literatures, sex literatures. Simply wasting their time. Tad vayasam tirtham. To read nonsense ordinary literature and books or newspaper is compared just like the pleasure place of the crows […]
What is there in the sex literature? There is no new information; the same sex life, that’s all.”
(Srila Prabhupada Lecture, July 12, 1969).


Amazingly, SD has the audacity to dedicate such “crow’s literature” to Srila Prabhupada, and wishes that such sex literature is widely read around the world: 

“Most of all I acknowledge my spiritual master, His Divine Grace A. C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada […]
I pray that Sanatorium pleases him and that he blesses it to be widely read around the globe.”

(Sanatorium, Gita Nagari Press, 2005, Satsvarupa Das, ‘Acknowledgements’)

Such blatant deviation from the bona fide spiritual master’s instructions, and the subsequent moral and spiritual degradation that follows thereafter, is only to be expected when one tries to replace the spiritual master and occupy his seat without any authorisation, as SD and his fellow guru hoaxers have done:

“One should not imitate the behaviour of an advanced devotee or maha-bhagavata without being self-realized, for by such imitation one will eventually become degraded.”
(Nectar of Instruction, Text 5, purport)