Autumn 2006

GBC-elected guru HH Bhakti Caru Swami (BCS) has this to say about the spiritual status of Satsvarupa Das "Goswami"(SD), who was exposed in as having admitted to having an illicit affair with a married woman, but still occupies some type of "guru" status in ISKCON:

"Satsvarupa Maharaja is undoubtedly a very advanced devotee. […]
Although he is such an advanced devotee, we saw through him the danger of becoming isolated. […]
Through this test it has become obvious that his heart became even more purified and his attachment to Srila Prabhupada stronger. Therefore there is no need to worry about his accidental deviation. Please continue to regard him as your siksa guru and offer him all the respect from your heart."

(Excerpt of letter from BCS, posted April 10th, 2006)

Now please compare this judgement of SD's spiritual status by BCS, with SD's statements about himself (Warning: Satsvarupa uses extreme profanities, and since ours is a family publication we have not printed these profanities in full, but used asterixes thus ****, even though Satsvarupa has used the extreme profanities in full):

"I was chief once and then came down. It's obvious I broke down and the nervous system can't take it anymore."
"But that fuc**** love I missed all those years was covered over […]
Night train blue mist nature's all aflitter in fuc*** spring so why are you withholding?"
"Japa beads don't seem like prayer to me anymore."
"I'm reading John Fante instead of the Gita. I'm not doing wrong."
"So, you're getting better? You want to tell official disciples you want loving with them? Do you mean that in your gut? No, I don't love them. Just a few of them. It's getting irrelevant this guru-sisya stuff."

(All quotations from SD's latest book of poems, When the Saints Go Marching In, 2006)

It should be clear from Satsvarupa's use of profanity and his other statements, that his first statement about having "broke down" as a result of his fall is true, and he is no longer even well, not to speak of being a "very advanced devotee" whose heart has "become even more purified" as a result of his falldown. This horrendous error of judgement on the part of BCS shows he is so committed to covering-up for his fellow guru hoaxers, that he will urge people to take spiritual shelter of someone who by his own admission does not even wish to give it. SD states:

"It's getting irrelevant this guru-sisya stuff",

whilst BCS urges everyone to continue to regard SD as their "siksa guru".

At the same time, BCS also states:

"We all have a solemn responsibility to keep Srila Prabhupada's house clean, and if anyone is bringing in any kind of impurity, then he must be corrected and punished if necessary."
(Excerpt of letter from BCS, posted April 10th, 2006)

Thus, we have the hugely hypocritical situation of on the one hand BCS saying that anyone bringing in any kind of impurity into ISKCON should be corrected and even punished; whilst on the other, BCS considers SD's self-admitted masquerading as a sannyasi (celibate renunciant) and guru taking disciples, whilst conducting an illicit affair with a married woman, not even an impurity but something which led to more purification!

Such hypocrisy is only to be expected from BCS since he poses as a diksa guru successor to Srila Prabhupada in direct disobedience to Srila Prabhupada's orders to keep him as the sole diksa Guru in ISKCON.