Autumn 2006

Meanwhile, you could not get stronger evidence of just how much ISKCON's leadership really believes in letting people examine the truth for themselves than the following video footage of ISKCON GBC and "guru" Ravindra Svarupa Das ('RSD') which can be seen simply by going to the following web address; simply wait and the video clip (titled "Detroit Wrath Yatra 2006") will begin to play automatically:


Here we see how RSD's reputation as a great scholar in ISKCON who practices academic aloofness is exposed as he reacts aggressively to a peaceful BTP distributor in the middle of the Detroit Rathayatra festival. (RSD is seen wearing a red kurta, sun-hat and dark sunglasses, and trying to lunge at the BTP distributor and intimidate the cameraman).

What a huge irony that, on the one hand, the GBC presents to the academic world the following view of the IRM:

"There is no doubt that both ISKCON's leadership and the IRM have acted and are acting to establish what each considers the correct theological conclusion with regard to the affairs of gurus and disciples."
(GBC submission, The Rival Positions in the IRM-GBC Controversy within ISKCON, Martin-Luther University, Germany, 2006).

While on the other hand, one of its leading academic scholars, gurus and ex-GBC Chairman is ready to use force to silence the very same people who are sincerely acting to establish "the correct theological conclusion".
Doubly ironic is the fact that this supposed "guru reformer" in ISKCON, whose academic paper on reform has been published by ISKCON Communications Journal, should turn out to be a classic example of the two-faced Janus described in the same Journal by another academic:

"Still there are sceptical voices claiming that ISKCON, like the famous Janus, has two faces - the smiling face in dialogues with their external partners, and the strange, repressive face towards its own members - preaching wine to the dialoguing world and water to their devotees."
(Prof. Dr. Ulrich Dehn, ICJ, Vol 8. No. 1.)

UPDATE: Spring 2007 - ISKCON thug tactics video evokes huge response

We had mentioned that we had caught an ISKCON GBC guru and other devotees engaging in thug tactics to prevent the distribution of BTP , and that this was captured on film. At the time of going to press, over 8000 people have so far viewed the film clip in question. It has generated many letters, a selection of which are given below. For those who have yet to see the clip (from which stills are given below), and which shows a “devotee” ripping up a picture of Srila Prabhupada, as well as GBC guru Ravindra Svarupa Das trying to steal the camera that’s doing the filming, please go to the following web link:


For those who have already seen the clip, please note that this is an improved version with full subtitles for those who may have wondered what all the words spoken were, and so you may wish to view it again!

Hare Krishna, I actually went to your site yesterday and saw the video, and I was so appalled by the fact this young devotee girl was tearing up Srila Prabhupada’s full page photo I wrote to ‘Dandavats’ (GBC’s website – ed.) and wrote an article stating that, “Who allows their disciples to rip apart photos of Srila Prabhupada for all the world to see?” I am not a Ritvik, I am no scholar and I do not understand the book philosophy that well. I am going to forward your e-mail and this one to Ravinda Svarupa if I can find his e mail address. I am a Srila Prabhupada disciple who has been standing in the sidelines for the past thirty years watching the show in disgust.”
- Rukmini Priya Dasi, California, USA

“Hare Krsna...thank you very much for sending me this...I know about Ravindra Svarupa, but I have never actually seen his actions. I can’t believe that one so-called devotee ripped up Prabhupada’s picture. In all honesty, they deserve a high drop on a short rope. Your servant.”
- Bhakta Shaun, Ontario, Canada

“I was shocked to view the video clip and wonder how a devotee can stoop to such an ignominious level. Thanking you for apprising this. I have shown it to my devotee friends who are also very much pained to see this. Hari Haribol.”
- Akrura Krishna Das, Hubli, India

- Sajjanasraya Das, Italy

“If you can explain more about this tragic video, I will be very grateful...
for example, I want to have a copy of this magazine that was destroyed.
It is terrible see how the image of Srila Prabhupada is insulted by these persons. Please send me a copy of the magazine so I can try and comprehend the fear that these “devotees” have for the magazine.”
- Vladamir, Spain

“A picture is worth a thousand words but a video, worth a million.
To see a magazine with His Divine Grace’s picture on the front-cover getting ripped was non-different from seeing one’s heart cut in half.
Srila Prabhupada’s physical departure from this material realm has clouded the minds of many individuals.
It’s a long and at times lonely struggle for you, Krishnakant prabhu, but such is the price one has to pay to stand by one’s convictions.
Your noble service to the Krishna Consciousness movement is akin to what Martin Luther once did for the misguided Christianity. Eventually the light will shine; the question of darkness will be moot then. Your mission, however, may remain unachievable during this [material] life if those are the Controller’s -- i.e., Krishna’s -- wishes. Please don’t let that discourage you. Yours in service of Srila Prabhupada.”
- Suk Shah, Minnesota, USA

“It is SHOCKING that ANYONE, ANYWHERE who claims to be a devotee of Krsna would DARE to treat a picture of Srila Prabhupada this way... and assault anyone else! Srila Prabhupada teaches us that he is present in his photo. What madness this Kali-yuga brings to us all!
SHAME on ANYONE who off ends His Divine Grace in this way!
I am fallen and am therefore a great offender... But if I should EVER commit such an offence to Srila Prabhupada in such a way... showing such insane malice toward ANYONE what to speak of a devotee...
what to speak of HIS DIVINE GRACE… and at the SUPREME LORD’S RATHA YATRA, may I be struck dead on the spot!!!”
- Bhuvana Pavani Devi Dasi, Nebraska, USA

“That stupid woman tearing up Prabhupada’s picture is the Yugoslav refugee who married that President of ISKCON Detroit (one of the many), just to stay in the USA and get a Green Card.......
Such people are pigs as Prabhupada used to say, and should just be removed from the planet.”
- A. Gupta, Detroit, USA

“I am very much thankful to you for your great service to save our movement by exposing the fake/bogus rascals. These people are the ones who are very well aware of the consequences of their misdirecting the innocent public (unaware devotees) for their personal fame, worship and power. But they have totally ignored that Srila Prabhupada is watching their every action and they will have to suffer for their deeds.”
- Dr. Rajanish, Udipi, India

“I have just viewed your video of Detroit Rathayatra. No surprise there. Iskcon tactics remain the same. Intimidation, violence. I joined the movement in the 1970s, and even when Prabhupada was still on earth, the GBC or the pack of homos Sannyasis kept not only us devotee in the dark, but our beloved and pure Guru as well.
When householders would write to Srila Prabhupada about the nonsense going on, they were being intercepted by personal secretaries.
Dont give up!!!”
- Mahesvari Devi Dasi, California, USA