Puranjana Facilitates Efforts to
Stop Anti-Guru Court Case


PADA recently posted an allegation of paedophillia against the Calcutta temple that was so patently fabricated one would have thought even PADA would not have repeated it without first checking its facts. 
Particularly as it is so malicious and seems manufactured for the sole purpose of disrupting the IRM anti-Guru court case that has the GBC on the ropes. Knowing they have no answer to our court case, some unknown GBC supporting sources have clearly tried to defame the character of Mahajan prabhu, a devotee from the Calcutta temple who helped file the case. The article in PADA finishes by stating that the number 1 demand is: 

"1. Withdraw Mahajan from the IRG case immediately." 

It is also stated that: 

"We request the supporters of ritvik to make it a point that they should not be defended by a notorious paedophile & a thief as such." 

They know that if I did this the IRM case would be seriously compromised as it would need to be re-filed and we would have to start all over again. 
And thus it is clear that this is what the REAL purpose of the allegations is.
This is a most desperate and transparent attempt to try and stop the Gurus getting the justice they deserve, and being kicked out of their position.
Unless PADA can prove that the names he has assigned to the article are genuine, we do not even have any idea who it is who has fabricated these allegations. They could have come from Jayapataka, the devotees in Mayapur or even PADA himself. That the 'authors' of the article are against the IRM anti-GBC campaign is also evident by the following statement: 

"Of course, Mahajan has rejected JPS now & is the ONLY signer for IRG in the famous law suit filed in the Calcutta High Court by Adri to FORCEFULLY keep Srila Prabhupada as the only disksa guru of ISKCON." 
(As if this 'force' is supposed to be a bad thing. They could just as easily complain that courts also 'forces' thieves to hand back the money they steal!) 

It should be noted that the article in question has a conspicuous absence of any detail - no contact details for the so -called 'authors', no name of the 'victim', indeed we are suspiciously told not even to ask for that, neither are there any precise details regarding the events that were supposed to have happened. Indeed the few details that the article does offer can immediately be proven false: 


"To round up historically, under Adri's management a character called K Mukundan, from South Indian joined the Calcutta temple around 18 years ago.
He used to come to the temple daily in torn shirt & pants before he joined full-time & used to get paid a meager sum of approximately Rs.10 by Satadhanya for doing some typing work. His shirts & pants were filthy & dirty blackish, it was specially black marked at the neck region where he used to put a handkerchief to cover his black dirt. [...] This Mahajan is the same person who used to work in a pan shop before joining ISKCON & used to come to the temple & do typing work for Satadhanya for a meager amount of 10 bucks or so."



Mahajan Das is a fully qualified barrister licensed to this day by the Calcutta Bar association to practice law. He has therefore never worked in a pan shop or as a typist



"Mahajan is the same person who made laxmi for self by stitching & selling blouses to a mataji who came to stay in Mona Lisa building in which a flat has been given to ISKCON Calcutta for preaching purposes."



This cannot possibly be true since everyone knows that Mahajan does not even know how to stitch. Though he wishes he knew such as practical skill!



"If someone takes the pain to find out about Mahajan's actual character, it is very easy to come to conclusion that apart from being a notorious pedophile, Mahajan is equally popular as a notorious thief amongst the temple devotees, especially amongst the life membership devotees & also amongst the Life members."



There has never been one case where Mahajan has stolen anything from anyone, and we challenge PADA or his contributors to produce even one Life Member who will accuse Mahajana of being a thief. However there have been many cases where Mahajana has apprehended temple devotees for stealing from the temple.



"Mahajan's victim, a gurukuli, has suffered tremendously both mentally & physically due to Mahajan's torcher. It has been reported that one of the places where Mahajan torchered his victim is the same place where Adri is staying at present with his wonderdul 'Krishna conscious' family. It's the first floor of Vrindavan Apartments in Calcutta, the city of the appearance of Srila Prabhupada."



The false accusers have clearly blown it with this one, because unbeknownst to them, it can be proven that these apartments have always been continually occupied, either by my family and I, or devotees from Mayapur. Or will the testimony now be changed to say that myself and my family were also involved in this paedophillia!

So let us get this straight. We have an allegation from an unknown and unverified source on behalf of another unknown and unverified source, alleging child abuse without no supporting details what to speak of any evidence, and what little details have been provided have ALL been proven to be false. And on this basis I am supposed to withdraw the court case against the GBC! Nice try by PADA's new-found GBC friends, but I am sorry to disappoint both PADA and them, whoever they are, that its not going to work.

If they provide some details that actually have some correspondence with reality then I will certainly investigate. But what am I supposed to investigate! Who can I interview? No information has been supplied except to say that the crime occurred in the apartment in which I live, and that I must disrupt the court case against the GBC! 
These unknown 'sources' also contradictingly state that the 'gurukuli' will only reveal himself to people he can trust - but that they are more than happy to co-operate with the Windle Turley law-suit. Then why haven't they already gone straight to the lawyers and presented the facts and details to them? I am sure they would have been more than happy to assist. Why are they instead more interested in just using smear tactics hoping I would be frightened into dropping the court case against the GBC?

We are sorry to have sullied this article by defending this ridiculous claim - but it is worth it to show the depths that PADA has now sunk to in his desperation to attack the IRM. He will print and make up anything as long as he can attack us, even if it means the GBC escaping justice. 
Please look out for the following 'exclusive revelations' from PADA:

'Adri was real gunman who shot JFK'.
'IRM sacrifice goats to Goddess Kali During Mangal Arti.' 
Need we say more!

Please chant: Hare Krishna, Hare Krishna, Krishna, Krishna, Hare, Hare,
Hare Rama, Hare Rama, Rama, Rama, Hare, Hare.
And be Happy!