Making gurus like ritviks


Back to Prabhupada, Issue 20, Summer 2008

By Krishnakant

As part of the ongoing Great Guru Hoax, Part 3, (wherein the position of diksa guru is redefined like a ritvik, or one uses a ritvik position to get benefits like a diksa guru), the GBC have declared:

“Whereas the ISKCON Law Book includes the following under reference Qualified candidates for initiation who reside away from temple communities may be recommended for initiation (in the manner prescribed above) by one of the following spiritual authorities (excluding the prospective initiating guru) […], RESOLVED: That in a case when a prospective disciple who lives in such an isolated place that none of the spiritual authorities listed in ISKCON Law can recommend him/her for initiation, requests initiation from an ISKCON initiating guru, then the guru is required to inform the National Council or the RGB body of the situation and receive their permission to go through all the applicable rules for initiation as the recommending authority.”(Resolution 323, GBC Meetings, 2008)

Hence, a supposedly bona fide guru has no authority to even select and initiate a prospective disciple if he so desires. Rather, it is mandatory for him to always get recommendations or permissions from other authorities (just like a ritvik). So whilst an ISKCON guru cannot even be trusted to initiate prospective disciples on his own, after he initiates them he can supposedly be trusted with the disciple’s entire spiritual life!

Further evidence, if any evidence was still required, that the ISKCON guru system, as well as being unauthorised, is contradictory and crazy – containing unprecedented guru/ritvik hybrids!

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