Autumn 2007

As reported in BTP 14, devotees who are suspected of believing that Srila Prabhupada is ISKCON's Guru are not even allowed to enter ISKCON's temples in the UK unless they sign a 'Confidential Agreement', titled "Terms and Conditions of entry to ISKCON temples/centres in the UK". One of the clauses of this 'Confidential Agreement' states:

"I will not directly or indirectly make any detrimental or derogatory statements about ISKCON or its members."

HH Jayadvaita Swami, an ISKCON guru, stated in his 2006-2007 report to the ISKCON Sannyasa Ministry, the following:

"This year certain things done (and not done) by the GBC body and by some of its members and functionaries have sorely alienated me. I see sustained and determined behavior I look upon as spiritually offensive, philosophically off track, ethically crummy, and pragmatically ill advised."

To say that the whole GBC body and some of its members and functionaries are engaging in behaviour which is "spiritually offensive, philosophically off track and ethically crummy", certainly qualifies as "derogatory statements about ISKCON or its members". The GBC, however, have not banned Jayadvaita Maharaja from entering ISKCON temples in the UK, demonstrating the hypocritical double standard behaviour which has been the hallmark of its unauthorised guru program.