ISKCON's lies over temple banning policy exposed

Winter 2006/7

Eastern Eye, an English newspaper circulated amongst the large Asian community in the UK, published the following statement from Gauri Das, the President of Bhaktivedanta Manor, ISKCON's headquarters in the UK, in its December 8th, 2006 issue in an article titled "ISKCON Denies Anti-Hindu Deeds":

"Second no one is 'banned' from the temple, except where they exclude themselves by disturbing the worship of others. Anyone is welcome to visit the Manor so long as they do not disturb the peace of others or prevent others from using the temple."

The above statement from Gauri Das is an outright lie, as the following banning letter issued by Gauri Das himself to Mr. Chetan Thankey demonstrates:

"The IRM is an organisation working to harm ISKCON, thus those who are formally part of or agree with the views and publications are suspended by the Manor Temple Council from visiting Bhaktivedanta Manor."
(Banning letter issued by Gauri Das, on ISKCON letterhead - below)

Regardless of the truth of ISKCON's opinion of the IRM, Gauri Das clearly admits that simply to "agree with the views" is reason enough for being banned from the temple. Therefore, people are clearly banned only for what they BELIEVE, which is persecution based on having committed a "thought crime". So Gauri Das's own banning letter shows he is lying when he claims that people are banned from the temple only for disturbing others from worshipping, as the letter clearly states that the ban is actually instituted for believing that ISKCON's policies are wrong. Indeed, as further proof, one can note that those so banned must sign an agreement which states that they agree fully with all of ISKCON's policies before being re-admitted:

"I will abide by all the ISKCON bylaws as defined by the "ISKCON Law book" including any resolutions passed by the GBC (ISKCON's Governing Body) from time to time."
(Part of a Confidential Agreement which must be signed by those banned in order to be re-admitted to the temple).

So not only is it bad enough that ISKCON bans people simply for believing that Srila Prabhupada is the Guru, but on top of that Gauri Das has the temerity to come out and completely lie about it, stating that those who were banned only for their beliefs, were actually banned because they "disturbed the worship of others". Unless Gauri Das can prove that the thousands of mainly Hindu worshippers who worship at Bhaktivedanta Manor:

a) Can read the mind of Chetan Thankey and his thoughts contained therein;
b) And would then have their worship disturbed by finding out that Mr Thankey believed that Srila Prabhupada alone should be the Guru of ISKCON; then Gauri Das's statement is an out-and-out fabrication.

Why is he so afraid of telling the world the truth about his banning of those who simply believe in a viewpoint different to that of the GBC, if he actually believes the ban is justified?