28TH MARCH 2001

We reported here how the GBC meetings this year achieved nothing. Though one GBC has tried to spin his way out of this expose here, the truth is now there for everyone to read for themselves in the 2001 GBC resolutions which have just been published. When we analysed last year's GBC resolutions here we were able to highlight how ludicrous they were. This year the GBC have not let us down, but rather have surpassed themselves. For whilst last year the GBC passed a bunch of joke resolutions, this year they really had NOTHING to pass, since the meetings did not resolve anything of substance except that they should simply continue on with the same mess. However, to cover up this inaction they have managed to pad out the rulings with meaningless and inconsequential resolutions, as we will now demonstrate. All GBC resolutions will be quoted in speech marks, thus " ".

We will begin first, though, with an annual old favourite, without which any year's GBC resolutions would not be complete; namely, the: 'Annual Another One Bites the Dust' Resolution

Only this year there are at least 2!

"10.THAT the GBC Body accepts the resignation of Rohini Suta dasa from the GBC Body, as explained in the following letter. The GBC Body also endorses his decision concerning his disciples. We thank him for his many years of loyal and effective service as a GBC member and wish him well in his ongoing services to Srila Prabhupada."

The letter from Rohini Suta states: 

"Also, because of my discrepancy in marrying one of my own disciples, I will not be initiating any disciples or accepting aspiring disciples."

We wonder, therefore, if this incestuous activity was what the GBC had in mind when they said:

"The GBC thank Rohini Suta for his 'many years of loyal and effective service as a GBC member' ".

Rohini Suta also claims:

"I also desire to write articles and books. [...] I will keep in contact with my disciples-helping and encouraging them as I am able, within my capacity in Krishna consciousness, and according to the teachings of Srila Prabhupada and our guru-parampara."

We see that after being unable to follow a most simple and fundamental principle of the 'guru-parampara', that a Guru does not commit incest and marry his own disciple, his response is to write books and continue to instruct his disciples "according to the teachings of Srila Prabhupada and our guru-parampara"! And for this the GBC gives him a pat on the back and encourages him to remain as a Guru, instruct his disciples and "wish him well in his ongoing services to Srila Prabhupada."! Is it any wonder that no one has any faith left in the GBC, and are defecting to the Gaudiya Matha in their droves, where at least they seem to have the basic moral sense that one is not fit to continue as a Guru if they commit incest by marrying their own disciples? So even such basic morality the GBC are lacking:

"In New York there is a yogi. I do not wish to name his... But in the paper it was published that he was having sex with his disciple. Is it not? [...]
Yes, everyone knows. What is this? (laughing) Even from moral point of view, a disciple is just like daughter. And this man was having sex life with his disciple. And he's a yogi. Just see. Even he has no moral sense, apart from spiritual knowledge. According to human social constitution, one should not have sex life with daughter, with mother and sister. And what is this?
If one has sex life with daughter, then where is the moral life?"

(Srila Prabhupada (photo right) Room Conversation, May 31st, 1974) 


Thus a Guru who has committed incest is blessed by the GBC to not only continue in that incestuous relationship, but to also continue to act as a diksa Guru to his disciples. Thus not being content with having inserted paedophilia into the parampara, the GBC have decided to go further and insert incest as well! Also Suhotra Swami is, it is hoped, throwing in the towel on his adventure as a 'Guru': 

"11.THAT His Holiness Suhotra Swami is granted his request for a two year leave of absence on grounds outlined in the following letter: [...] "I intend to spend a good deal of time in India to enhance my spiritual life. Also, I will not be making disciples or giving initiation during my leave of absence. In two years I will reassess in consultation with my Godbrothers my situation as spiritual master."

Unfortunately the GBC see nothing at all incongruous in a 'Guru' needing to go away on a 'sabbatical' to 'enhance his spiritual life'.
Isn't to 'enhance his spiritual life' supposed to be the reason why a disciple takes a Guru in the first place!

And what's more, the GBC are happy to leave the door open for Suhotra to 'resume' in the parampara in a couple of years time, after he has stopped off for a 'tune-up' and re-charged his spiritual batteries! 

  • As we said - is there any wonder why faith in the GBC is at rock bottom, and ISKCON is being decimated by mass defections to the Gaudiya Matha? 

Now we come on to the space filling resolutions - passed simply to pad out the pages, and make everybody think that the GBC actually resolved something in Mayapura this year. 

'Let's Restate the Obvious’ Resolution

Repeating various points which are already clearly delineated in Srila Prabhupada's books, is always a good way to fill up a few pages:

"103. [STATEMENT] Statement on ISKCON's Building Vaisnava Community
ISKCON is a sankirtana movement oriented toward building Vaisnava communities with different types of members: devotees resident in asramas/temples (ideally brahminically inclined and/or under training), home-based practicing devotees (financially self-sufficient, regularly attending temple functions, and actively practicing sadhana-bhakti), and home-based well-wishers who may not practice sadhana-bhakti regularly but support the temple financially or otherwise."

Well I never! 

"303. [STATEMENT] Definition of Illicit Sex Whereas:
- Many devotees have become confused as to what constitutes illicit sex; - Srila Prabhupada has clearly stated that "purity is the force" and that it comes from following the four regulative principles strictly; and - It is important to properly train new devotees according to Srila Prabhupada's standards and to maintain their faith in the necessity of adhering to those standards. [...] sex life according to religious principles followed by Gaudiya Vaisnavas is for the propagation of children, not for any other purpose, and that the responsibility of the parents is then to make their offspring Krishna conscious. As stated in the Fifth Canto of Srimad-Bhagavatam, [...]".

And so on for another couple of pages. While they were at it, maybe the GBC could also have told us what constitutes 'Intoxication'. I am sure that would have filled up at least another of couple of pages as well!

'Never Do Today What You Can Put Off Till Tomorrow’ Resolution

A famous GBC technique to camouflage inaction is to ask for 'research, reports and reviews' sometime in the distant future when everyone will have forgotten. 

"301. [ACTION ORDER] Leadership Assessment and Training
Whereas there is a need for increased training and assessment of leaders in the ISKCON society, including at the GBC level.
Therefore it is resolved THAT: a subcommittee is hereby formed consisting of Anuttama dasa (convener), Radhanatha Swami, Ramai Swami, Ravindra Svarupa dasa, Sivarama Swami, and Svavasa dasa to research and develop a process for ongoing, regular assessment and training for GBC members. Emphasis will be on character and competence with a view to developing the full potential of individual leaders. This shall be executed in consultation with the GBC Executive Officers and others. The committee will strive to complete its recommendations and attain GBC Body approval of the recommended processes prior to the Mayapur 2002 meetings for initial implementation during the meetings. If prior approval is not possible, the GBC will review the assessment process during the 2002 Mayapur meetings for implementation at Mayapur 2003."

We see that the GBC are already putting this one off for at least 2 years!

'We Forgot To Do It Last Year - Let's See If We Can Forget Again’ Resolution

"402. [ACTION ORDER] Disciples Initiating in the Physical Presence of Their Guru Whereas GBC resolution No. 610/2000 requesting a definitive paper on the subject has not been completed; Therefore it is resolved THAT: an expanded subcommittee be formed to further research the question of a disciples initiating in the physical presence of their guru, presenting a detailed study encompassing various viewpoints."

'Another Resolution That Can Be Ignored’

"202. [GUIDELINE] Congregational Preaching Newsletter
THAT all ISKCON temples and yatras should report on a quarterly basis their activities in relation to congregational preaching in the Congregational Preaching Newsletter. [ACTION ORDER] The Congregational Development Ministry shall be responsible to establish the scoring system (assigning specific values for specific preaching activities) and to publish the Congregational Preaching Newsletter."

We sincerely look forward to a burst of this congregational preaching activity over the coming year! 

'More Excuses To Talk Rather Than Act' Resolution

Therefore it is resolved THAT: the GBC Executive Committee is directed to focus time during 2001 on strategic planning and analysis, thus assisting the international GBC in developing its long-range goals and priorities. Any specific proposals and recommendations should be discussed and reviewed during the Mayapur 2002 meetings for further refinement, approval, or disapproval. GBC Members suggest the following preaching strategies for consideration:

- Training and education for children and adults. - A comprehensive preaching plan for India based on development of Mayapur. - Social issues like welfare for aged devotees, hospices, gurukula, youth, etc. - Helping the GBC act more in a leadership capacity and less as a managerial body. -
Helping the GBC improve teamwork, accountability, and integrity. -
Developing Vedic culture in ISKCON rather than "Krishna-izing" western culture. - Reviving book distribution, harinama, and prasadam distribution at all temples. - Better communication of the positive contributions of ISKCON and of the GBC. - Improving the quality and training of gurus. -
Helping devotees make the transition from brahmacari/carini asrama to grhastha life. - Developing more of an economic base for ISKCON. - Bringing Vaisnavism to the religious and philosophical forefront through academic initiatives."

Most of these are all things which ISKCON should be DOING - and yet we are still at the drawing-board stage, as the GBC spend more time 'planning, analysing, proposing and refining', which will then be followed by grand sounding initiatives that will be left unimplemented, just like virtually every other initiative that has been proposed by the GBC for the last 23 years. 

It is also interesting to note that the GBC officially commit themselves to 'improving the quality and training of Gurus'. Now we are admitting that our gurus actually need training. Is it any wonder therefore that devotees are leaving ISKCON to join organisations where they claim their Gurus are already fully trained! 

'Let's Create Yet Another Official Post' Resolution  

"610. [GUIDELINE] Local Coordinator of Youth Programs Whereas: - There is an increasing need for engaging our youth in all aspects of our movement; -
There are more and more youth growing up and coming of age in our movement;
- ISKCON Youth Ministry requires the help of local representatives to effectively minister to and engage youth at local levels.
Therefore it is resolved THAT: every temple, when possible, should have a Coordinator of Youth Programs to reach out to and engage the youth of the local congregation. This Coordinator of Youth Programs shall coordinate his/her efforts with the Youth Ministry."

The history of ISKCON is littered with grand sounding ministries, committees and posts, which the GBC seem to believe will miraculously manifest just by the GBC announcing them in Mayapur! 

'We Lost The Case - Let's Remind Ourselves To Do Something' Resolution

"615. [ACTION ORDER] Show Cause Notice Whereas: - The Executive Committee in conjunction with the local Zonal Secretary sent a Show Cause Notice to Adridharan dasa on 13 September 2000; - Adridharan dasa filed a petition challenging the same in the Calcutta High Court dated September
28, 2000; and - The Hon'ble Justice P.C. Ghosh of Calcutta High Court by his order dated September 28, 2000 directed Adridharan dasa to reply the Show Cause Notice and injuncted the GBC Body from taking any further steps against Adridharan dasa till disposal of the application. Therefore it is resolved THAT: the GBC Body insists that the Executive Committee (EC) take appropriate steps for an early hearing of the case relating to Show Cause Notice regards removal of Adridharan dasa, temple president (also known as "branch president") of the ISKCON temple/branch situated at 3C, Albert Road, Calcutta, which is now pending before the Hon'ble High Court of Calcutta.
There is no need of any further discussion regards the issue of Show Cause as it has been done correctly by the Executive Committee, in conformity with ISKCON Law."

Please note how the GBC admit the defeat they received at the hands of the IRM, whereby they state that the Judge "injuncted the GBC Body from taking any further steps against Adridharan dasa till disposal of the application."
Which is another way of saying that their useless 'show cause notice' was stopped in its tracks until the whole validity of the Ritvik issue is decided. It is also interesting to note that the only thing which is preventing the 'disposal of the application' is the GBC, who in their usual spaced-out mode have yet to reply to our official affadavit in response.
They issued the show cause in September 2000, and 6 months later still nothing has happened.

'Reward Donors By Creating Another Meaningless Post' Resolution 

"104. [STATEMENT] Appreciation On behalf of our beloved Founder-acarya His Divine Grace A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada, we of ISKCON's Governing Body Commission Society extend our grateful appreciation to Sriman Srinathji Prabhu, Sriman Radha Giridhari Prabhu, and Sriman Kesava Prabhu. These three devotees of the ISKCON Chowpatty temple, with encouragement from their diksa-guru Radhanatha Swami, gave this year a very generous donation to help the ISKCON GBC Society in its service to ISKCON.

405. [ACTION ORDER] GBC Secretariat Office in Mumbai Whereas there is a need to increase the administrative support systems of the International GBC.
Therefore it is resolved THAT: Radha Krishna dasa shall establish an office for the GBC Secretariat in Chowpatty in Mumbai. He shall serve the Secretariat by providing his part-time services under the direction of the GBC Executive Committee. He is also hereby authorized to hire office staff as necessary with a first-year allotted budget of US$6,000."

ISKCON Chowpatty gives money to the GBC, large enough to get an official mention in the GBC resolutions. ISKCON Chowpatty is then chosen to set up an official GBC office. 

'Let's Invent Yet Another System That Srila Prabhupada Never Sanctioned' Resolution 

"609. [ACTION ORDER] Brahminical Advisory Council Whereas: - The GBC could benefit from the support and advice of devotees who are particularly knowledgeable in scripture; - The GBC decision-making process and resolutions could be reinforced by more comprehensive sastric evidence.
Therefore it is resolved THAT: permanent, pro-active body of trusted, brahminical devotees without managerial commitments be formed to research philosophical issues for the purpose of advising the GBC and giving them feedback. This Brahminical Advisory Council (BAC) would be an advisory body only, subordinate to the GBC. Its conclusions and advice would be in no way binding on the GBC."

Srila Prabhupada set up the GBC to be the topmost brahmins in the ISKCON Society, who would guide the Society based on Srila Prabhupada's teachings. Now we are told we actually need a proper group of brahmins to advise the GBC. Further, that they are required since the GBC need help from those who are 'knowledgeable in scripture'.

In which case, why not just make the Brahminical council the GBC! Srila Prabhupada never created a separate body of Brahmins to advise the GBC; the GBC were SUPPOSED to be these brahmins:

"The GBC must be vigilant by following the regulative principles and teach by ideal character the presidents of the centers, and the presidents by their ideal character must teach the others then automatically all members of the whole institution will be ideal to the human society. Then we can dictate to administrators or sometimes take hold of the administration. In the absence of competent leaders we may take the post. But we must be very careful in the flow of the political movement we may not forget our ideal life. For example, Parasaram was a Brahmin but when he found the ksatriyas were mismanaging he killed them twenty one times and some of them fled to European countries. This is the history. So far we are concerned we shall keep ourselves in ideal brahminical position and if need be if no ksatriya or Vaisya is here we can take up their work as emergency. Our business is to create ideal ksatriyas and vaisyas but beyond that our real business is to keep ourselves as ideal Brahmins. If we are not ideal we cannot create others as ideal. [...] So our business is to keep fit as brahmanas and to train others to be ideal ksatriyas and vaisyas for advancing the whole society."
(Srila Prabhupada Letter To Rupanuga, 28/4/74)

Srila Prabhupada speaks of how actually the whole Society is supposed to composed of ideal brahmanas, with the GBC taking the LEAD in this by teaching the Society to become such brahmins. He never spoke of another class of brahmins who were supposed to teach the GBC. 

'Opportunity For More Contemplation Of The Collective Navel' Resolution

2 403. [RULE OF ORDER] Preaching Vision Council Whereas: - Srila Prabhupada said the GBC annual meetings should produce preaching strategies; - The GBC meeting is an ideal time to brainstorm ideas for global preaching; - Often the GBC does not allocate sufficient time to produce preaching strategies during their meetings; - There is a need to provide preaching vision to the society to enliven the GBC and the entire society, and to inspire preaching and development of Krishna consciousness.
Therefore it is resolved THAT: as part of the agenda of every annual GBC meeting, there shall be a Preaching Vision Council that shall plan strategies, define standards, and improve the quality of all ISKCON preaching.
Among the duties of the Council shall be: 1) Devising systems to encourage/develop the devotees' skills/abilities/proclivities through training and education, 2) Finding ways for the GBC and other leaders to facilitate preaching, 3) Discussing ways to increase the number of festivals, 4) Initiating or planning global events (like Srila Prabhupada's Centennial)."

So after 23 years the GBC have realised that the annual GBC meetings were supposed to develop preaching strategies! So now we are to have a 'preaching vision council'. Obviously this is where we have been going wrong all these years. I am sure that now we have these 'preaching vision councils' we can look forward to a huge explosion in preaching to flow forth! 

'More Attempts To Court the Gaudiya Matha' Resolution

"607. [ACTION ORDER] Bhakti Gaurava Narasimha Swami Whereas: - Several ISKCON leaders have had discussions with Bhakti Gaurava Narasimha Swami (Jagat Guru Swami); - ISKCON is open to dialogue with Narasimha Swami; -
Narasimha Swami feels that there were inappropriate actions directed against him by some ISKCON members in the past; - Some ISKCON members feel that Narasimha Swami has performed some inappropriate actions against ISKCON.
Therefore it is resolved THAT:

1. A committee be formed to open a formal dialogue with Bhakti Gaurava Narasimha Swami, including at least one face-to-face meeting.

2. The committee should initially consist of: Bir Krishna dasa Goswami, Guru Prasad Swami, and Vaidyanatha dasa, and they may co-opt additional members as required.

3. The committee should conclude its assignment and present a report at the Annual GBC Meeting in February 2002."

We have already noted how the GBC have borrowed many of their bogus 'living guru' philosophies wholesale from the Gaudiya Matha; how they took certificates from all the Gaudiya Mathas as official evidence in the Ritvik court case initiated by the IRM; how leading GBC members openly glorify the deviant sahajiya teachings of Tripurari Swami, (pictured, left) who has written a new Bhagavad-Gita since he feels Srila Prabhupada's edition requires "modernizing"; who had stated that the greatest problem with ISKCON is its 'over-emphasis on Srila Prabhupada'; whose newsletters are officially published on the ISKCON COM conferencing system.
Now we see they wish to cosy up to Narasimha Swami (pictured, left), who left ISKCON to join Sridhara Maharaja's camp.
The above represents a large chunk of the resolutions passed. As is clear, the GBC really did not resolve anything. Indeed the only substantive resolutions they passed were those reporting on the latest Gurus to have strayed from the path. It seems that after 23 years the GBC are not even capable of passing the usual ridiculous resolutions. Now they just seem to resolve to do nothing at all.