Thu, 26 Oct 2000

Dear Prabhus,

PAMHO AGTSP Dayarama is as usual putting the cart before the horse to try and move the goal posts. First we had him trying to ask for resignations before any investigation was done even though it was not what Bhima had asked for.
Then we had him admit that no rape had took place but that it was sex for money - even though the case is about rape through force - as stated in Basanti's FIR. Now his latest trick is to try and speak about the conspiracy issue when the investigation was about the legitimacy of the FIR, and it was in relation to this that Bhima asked for resignations - see below:

"Dear Dayaram Prabhu One devotee who had taken shelter in our temple has committed suicide.
You and Jayapataka Swami are saying he is guilty and Adri Dharan is saying he is innocent. Not only that but Adri Dharan has been named in the FIR (Official Allegation) as sending this lady who was allegedly raped to the alleged rapist. Now what is your side of the story? We must come to the bottom of this and the person who is lying in this case should resign.
Jayapataka Swami has already given a statement that the devotee is guilty so he should also state how he came to that conclusion."
(Bhima Das, 18/9/00, COM Message 3552288)

If the FIR IS true, then the issue of who cooked it up is automatically resolved - since no one did. So the investigation was intended to settle the key issue about the validity if the FIR - once this is done - everything else will fall into place. It is understandable why Dayarama is trying to avoid this issue for the SECOND time - since he has already conceded that rape as described in the FIR did NOT take place.

Please see below our expose of his FIRST attempt at trying to sneakily get himself off the hook:

Dayarama Concedes That FIR Untrue

Dayarama is now putting forward allegations that are CONTRARY to the FIR.
The allegation of the FIR is RAPE - not Sex. Basanti states categorically that she was forcibly raped. From the very beginning Dayarama has been trying to sneakily slip in the fact that it is NOT rape, even though Basanti and JPS cleary state that there was forcible rape. Please see the tricks Dayarama has played:

First on 21/9/00, Dayarama states this:

"Rape deesn't mean that Suresvar physically overpowered her but rather Suresvar had sex with her against her will under the fear of stopping her monthly money."

Here Dayarama presents a scenario that involves consensual sex for money, which is in total contradiction to Basanti's FIR.

Now on 28/9/00, he goes further and states that the issue is simply if Suresvara had sex:

"that if it is proven that Suresvar is not innocent gentleman, a Brahmachari, who followed no sex principle strictly then how will I be guaranteed that Adri will resign."

So we have gone from Basanti stating that it was forcible 'bad shivering with body pain' rape, and JPS saying that it was 'definitely rape', to Dayarama stating first it was sex using money as a lever, to now that it was simply sex. So even Dayarama is now accepting that she could be lying.

The fact that Dayarama has moved so much so quickly simply proves that he knows that rape did not take place.

It appears the investigation is practically over - Dayarama himself is willing to concede there is no rape.

I thought he was representing the FIR.

Instead he simply keeps putting forward propositions that are CONTRARY to the FIR.

If the FIR is NOT true - then the investigation is finished.

I have already given so much evidence showing why the FIR is untrue, and Dayarama himself is simply also putting forward propositions that are contrary to the FIR. So WHERE is the evidence in SUPPORT of the FIR.

Dayarama is definitely not producing it, since he does not even appear to agree with the FIR, and this would also explain his reluctance to come forward with any evidence. And JPS who said it was definitely rape is not producing the evidence supporting the FIR either.

So. It is clear that the FIR IS a lie, that Basanti was lying, that JPS was lying, and Dayarama himself is now agreeing that this could definitely be the case.

So unless Bhima is able to find someone else who wants to represent the FIR, the matter is settled - the FIR is untrue - which is the very matter under investigation.

He also knows now that the investigation has revealed that the FIR has more holes in it then swiss cheese. Thus knowing that the FIR was false, knowing that no rape took place, he is now trying to shift the issue and salavage something by focusing on the issue of who was involved. Well once the FIR has been declared invalid, then naturally we assume that Bhima will call for a second investigation to determine who was behind cooking up a case that led to the death of an innocent devotte. But first this investigation must decide the validity of the FIR, which is what it was intended to do - as shown by his original message reproduced above.

Even Dayarama has titled his message RAPE investigation - so even he knows what it is about. That's right - THIS investigation is about investigating the rape as given in the FIR.

Once the validity of this is determined then naturally we will need to look into who was behind it.

ys, adri

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From: Dayaram (das) JPS (Mayapur - IN)
Date: 26-Oct-00 02:53 To: Bhima (das) ACBSP (TP Mumbai, Juhu - IN) [6601] To: ICC (Indian Continental Committee) [2967] Subject: Rape investigation

Dear Bhima Prabhu Dandavats. All glories to Srila Prabhupada.

More than 3 weks have passed since Pancharatna Prabhu and Bhaktarupa Prabhu made the investigation and sent the material to Mumbai. I had offered to resign in advance and expected Adri to do the same but he refused.
NOnetheless the terms were clear that whoever has lied should resign.

I wonder what is the result of the investigation. On many issues it may be his word against Basanti's (the victim lady) etc. and you may need to examin other witnessess and evidences.

But I am really wondering what substance have you found in Adri's accusation that we (I and other Mayapur Devotees) conspired to file false charges. Has Adri given any details of this conspiracy. Please note that this accusation was levelled in the media, on the next day, after the rape incident by ADri and also later on many times.

What substance has been provided for that by ADri or anyone else?
Conspiracy means making a plan before the incident took place. That means we must have met with lady in some place at some time and some way convinced or forced her to do what she did.

Has Adri given any details of such meeting- Date, time, place etc.
If not then this proves that he is lying on this count at least and he should resign as promised by himself and discussed on this conference.

I would like you to respond to this immediately. I expect that in case Adri has provided the details of such a conspiracy then kindly verify the same and if proven that I did conspire then my resignation letter will be given.

Hare Krsna.

Your servant, Dayaram Das


Rape investigation

(Text COM:3660535) Fri, 27 Oct 2000

Dear Prabhus,
PAMHO AGTSP Dayarama is really getting desparate.

It is interesting to note that he has offered no defence in support of the very issue that the investigation was set up to determine - the validity of the FIR - which as I showed in my last note Dayarama has already conceded.

If the FIR is false then Dayarama would have to resign immediately.

A conspiracy does NOT require the meeting of the accused BEFORE the act.

This is such an elementary legal point. Anyone with even a cursory understanding of the law knows that there are 3 separate acts of conspiracy.

They are known as:

Conspiracy before, during and after the fact.

I have not specified how many of these conspiracies were involved.
Nor have I accused anyone SPECIFICALLY - I have therefore used GENERIC terms - "JPS Camp", "Mayapur Devotees". These are broad terms and refer to those who are involved in the fight against the IRM in West Bengal.

Now for anyone who has a least a basic grasp of the English language this means that my position is:

a) A rape as alleged in the FIR did not place.
b) This means the FIR was false.
c) Basanti had assistance in filing a knowingly false case.
d) This assistance came from members of a group opposed to the IRM referred to as the 'JPS Camp' or 'Mayapur devotees'.

Points a-d to have already been substantiated. (Basanti was in contact with various people for the 10 hours before she filed the case). Dayarama can duck and dive as much as he wants. But the FIR has been proven false.
Thus Dayarama should resign IMMEDIATELY. Even he is trying to concede without anyone noticing that Basanti was not raped 'horribly' through the use of force so that she was 'shivering with body pain'.

Dayarama has avoided this point 3 times. I will ask him for the 4th time - do you or do you not agree that:

"Basanti was raped 'horribly' for 2 hours through the use of force so that her body was 'shivering in pain' - as alleged in the FIR".

Now for once be honest and answer YES or NO.

Please - YES or NO.

Everyone is watching. Let us see if you can give a straight-forward answer.

Remember YES or NO.

And I will ask this question every hour until you answer - so there is no point avoiding it.

ys, adri
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From: Dayaram (das) JPS (Mayapur - IN)
Date: 27-Oct-00 09:38 To: ICC (Indian Continental Committee) [2969] Reference: Text COM:3661677 by Adri Dharan (das) ACBSP (Calcutta)
Subject: Rape investigation

Dear Prabhu's Again Adri's spin masters at work, Getting into irrelevant things.

The investiagation was about lying. Who is lyiing Dayarama or Adri.

Bhima has made it clear right in the begining. I was not only asking for Adri's resignation but first offering mine to make sure that Bhima as judge can enforce his decision without any litigation etc. Adri refused it showing that he has no faith in Bhima as a judge.

I have stated the following points many times as our respective stands many times.

Adri's stand

1. Mayapur devotees (Dayarama and oths) conspire to file false case against Suresvar.
2. Sureshvar is innoscent gentleman.
3. Adri on that day or never before sent Basanti to Sureshvar.
4. Suresvar was murdered in the jail as per sattvik's petition and in some other forum Sureshvar, a Brhamchari and an innoscent gentlemann couldn't take the humiliation of the false charges and commited suicide.

Our Stand.

1. mayapur devotees (dayarama and oths) mever made any conspiracy and found out about it only after the rape took place.
2. Suresvar is guilty.
3. Adri sent Basanti to Suresvar not only on that day but before also.
4. We don't know whether it is murder or suicide but non of us are have anything to do with it.
Basanti, Sridam and othes have given evidance to the correctness of my stand point no. 2 and 3.

I am asking Bhima what details Adri has provided for the conspiracy by Mayapur devotees. As there can't be any conspiracy without meeting of the accused before the action.

If Adri can't provide this then he lied at least onone count and therefore should offer his resignation as he made accusation witout any substance whatsoever.

Hare Krsna.

Your servant, Dayaram Das (Text COM:3664319) -----------------------------------------