by Krishnakant


CHAKRA recently posted a brief item entitled - 'VNN Refutes Srila Prabhupada?' - a supposed rebuttal of - 'Chakra's Army Fires Blanks' - an article earlier posted on VNN. Unfortunately rather than deal with the content of the article, CHAKRA substitutes character assassination for proper philosophical argument. This is interesting, in that it appears to be an admission that they can not actually answer the points made in the article. Instead they enlist an anonymous 'champion' to state the following:

"The article reflects typical Krishnakant writing. I have already tried to have a dialogue with him, but it is impossible. His trick is to keep you busy unravelling his twisty-turny logic, and this way you have no time to really say anything because you are always too busy explaining he is illogical."

No such luck I'm afraid. In fact the only part of the above statement they are actually able to demonstrate is that they do indeed not - "really say anything", although one assumes they would have had ample time!

Also THEY are the ones who now seem to lack the capability "to have a dialogue".

The anonymous 'champion' then enlists the help of an anonymous 'friend' to try and further belittle the author. The main point, which was curiously a great source of mirth for him and his nameless friend, relates to Srila Prabhupada's use of the phrase '...they will be initiators'. He seems to feel this phrase alone somehow justified the GBC's dismantling of the officiating acarya system, which was personally put in place by His Divine Grace with no countermanding order for it's termination. Unfortunately these valiant warriors have overlooked the simple fact that ritviks ARE initiators; but they initiate on Srila Prabhupada's behalf! This point of course is conclusively demonstrated in the article in question. The very article they refuse to answer.

We would encourage this particular anonymous 'champion' to actually ANSWER the points made in 'Chakra's Army Fires Blanks', in particular to provide evidence to support modifications A & B as mentioned in 'The Final Order'. If he cannot do this, then simply resorting to childish insult will not impress anyone. The anonymous champion complains that my arguments are full of 'twisty-turny logic'.

I sincerely hope the above is not too complicated for him. For now it seems that CHAKRA'S inability to offer any argumentation based on philosophy, proves that CHAKRA'S Army are now no longer even "Firing blanks", but have run out of ammunition altogether!