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In last issue's Editorial, we explained how ISKCON's leaders are taking lessons from non-devotees effectively about the Bhagavad-gita's message to see the equality of all souls and realise we are "not this body", because:

"Due to our conditioned nature and influenced by our different racial, cultural, socio-economic backgrounds and genders, we sometimes fall short in our expression of Krishna consciousness, especially in our dealings with and acceptance of others."

It now appears that we have an example of this, since GBC member Malati Devi Dasi has recently been condemned by ISKCON's India Continental Committee (ICC) for making statements (emphases added):

"that are contrary to the teachings of Srila Prabhupada, Gaudiya Vaishnav siddhanta, and vedic literature, that teach that vaishnavas should not be identified by their bodily designations. [...] these comments of her's have deeply disturbed many due to their racist and xenophobic overtones"
(India Continental Committee statement, 17/5/21)

These statements were condemned as having "racist and xenophobic overtones" as they were considered to be attacking those who are from India and Indian-bodied.

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