Self-Love Continues to Flourish


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In BTP 57, in the article "Loving Krishna Rather Than Oneself", we exposed the preaching of "self-love", rather than exclusive love of Krishna, by ISKCON's leaders. To illustrate how deeply this "self-love" teaching has infiltrated ISKCON, please see the flyer above for a program organised by ISKCON Midrand in South Africa, to be held at its Govinda's restaurant.

Even mainstream materialists accept that "self-love" is a sign of narcissism and advise that we love someone other than ourselves, such as family, friends and so on, which for devotees would mean Krishna:

"We have got the propensity to love. Love means somebody else. [...] So we have manufactured so many types of love except God."
(Srila Prabhupada Lecture, 12/11/73)

And yet here we see that the very title of a program organised by ISKCON is "Self-Love"! With the speakers for the program being advertised as persons who can help you live the "life of your dreams" and accomplish "remarkable achievements" through "self-belief", and help the "body heal anything" (from the bios of speakers given on the flyer). Thus, in line with the title, it's all about what one can do for oneself, with no mention at all of Krishna, never mind serving or loving Him.

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