A Philosophy of Ignorance


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In 2018's GBC meetings, the following resolution was passed:

"Whereas the moratorium on both Vaishnavi and second-generation devotees serving as diksa-guru remains until the GBC concludes its research on guru-tattva in ISKCON;
Whereas the GBC Body previously committed to that research and to annually review, until its conclusion, a comprehensive and inclusive understanding that delineates how diksa- and siksa-gurus unitedly work within the framework of ISKCON;
Whereas the GBC stated it "is steadfastly dedicated" to accomplish the above;
Resolved: The GBC recommits to its statement of 310/2015, and begins by dedicating at least two days at either every Annual General Meeting or Midterm General Meeting to this subject until the relevant aspects of this topic are resolved satisfactorily."

(Resolution 308, 2018)

Thus, the GBC has codified and put on record that they still do not know:

a) How diksa and siksa gurus should work in ISKCON.
b) Whether there should be female diksa gurus.
c) Whether one can be a diksa guru in the physical presence of his diksa guru ("second generation devotees").

Thus, they do not know:

i) Who can be a diksa guru;
ii) When they can be a diksa guru;
iii) Or how such gurus should operate in ISKCON.

Even though they have no clue regarding such basic and fundamental questions regarding diksa gurus in ISKCON, due to their overwhelming desire to be guru at all costs, they still assert without evidence that the one thing they do know is that:

• Srila Prabhupada cannot be the diksa guru;
• They definitely get to be diksa gurus!

They claim they are still "researching" these questions. But the guru hoax has been going on for 40 years, and yet they still cannot explain the basis for it! Thus the GBC's philosophical position is: we have none. And instead ignorance reigns supreme. Whereas the IRM's philosophical position is very clear, and hence we have a clear choice between the two: Srila Prabhupada or ignorance!

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