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As a sign of the deep inroads made by the IRM's preaching, we can note that ISKCON's Bhaktivedanta college now offers a 7-week course - the very first part of which specifically aims to combat the message of BTP, which it refers to as "rtvikvada":

"A guru represents Krsna and previous acaryas. He is a manifestation of Krsna's mercy. This lesson is meant to provide an understanding of the position, role, and importance of the various types of gurus. It will help students understand principles of parampara by way of contrast with fallacious understandings, such as rtvikvada."
(Week 1, Guru-tattva and parampara)

It claims to explain the "various types of gurus" who are manifestation's of Krsna's mercy. However, in light of the article presented on page 3, we know that the ISKCON "guru" is a new entity, which can be defined as follows:

"Non-liberated, non-parampara, non-divya-jnana-giving, initiation-ceremony-providing rtvik, who pretends to be a diksa guru!"

Such an entity, therefore, is not any type of guru, but a fraud. Thus, when the course claims to explain the "principles of parampara by way of contrast with fallacious understandings, such as rtvikvada"; it actually means the exact opposite:

The course explains ISKCON's version of cheating rtvikvada in contrast to connecting directly to the parampara through the bona fide diksa guru, Srila Prabhupada.

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