Who is Fallen?


Back To Prabhupada, Issue 35, Spring 2012

Since our book expose 100 Deviations: The Life and Teachings of HH Sivarama Swami is composed of the statements of HH Sivarama Swami himself, we correctly wrote on the book's back cover that his followers cannot reject this book because:

"they cannot argue that they refuse to accept the words emanating from the "lotus mouths" of persons whom they accept as being as good as God."

However, one should never underestimate the desperation of a mind-control cult.

Following the widespread distribution of the Hungarian language edition of this book throughout Hungary, ISKCON authorities ordered those who received the book to hand it in for collection, warning that if they dared to read the book then they are to be considered "fallen" and will "go to hell". So, if a person who merely reads the words of HH Sivarama Swami is considered fallen, how fallen would that make the very person who actually authored those words - HH Sivarama Swami!? Thus, the followers of HH Sivarama Swami must now need to be protected, not from "ritviks", but from the teachings of HH Sivarama Swami himself! To reiterate - never underestimate the desperation of a mind-control cult!

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