We have been reporting in previous articles on how BCS has perfected the art of preaching the exact opposite of what he himself actually DOES. Indeed every time he opens his mouth he produces yet another gem of hypocrisy. Recent weeks were no exception. The following is an excerpt of a letter he wrote to a 'disciple': 

"You should try to understand that your relationship with your spiritual master is not a material relationship. Therefore it is not simply limited to the physical presence. Our relationship is spiritual and whenever you are spiritually situated, we are together. Srila Prabhupada used to say that when you chant Hare Krishna, I chant Hare Krishna. Through the Holy Name we are together. Therefore please try to develop this understanding."
(From 'BCS Istagosthi Com', 22/11/00)

Now this is very interesting. One of the reasons that we are told as to why it is necessary to have a 'living' Guru is because we need his 'physical presence'. Srila Prabhupada is not 'physically present' to chastise us or instruct us personally, we are told. So we must surrender to one of his 'physically present' representatives, such as BCS.

That since it is not a 'material relationship', it is NOT limited to the physical presence. That one can be together with the spiritual master just by chanting Hare Krishna.

It can't be for his physical presence, since the relationship is not limited by the need for such physical presence. So this is just another classic BCS gem to be added to the 'H Files' - the 'hypocrisy files'. 'You have to surrender to me because you need the physical presence of the spiritual master, and thus Srila Prabhupada is not enough. However when you do surrender to me, you must realise that we can be together spiritually, since the relationship with the Spiritual master is NOT limited to the physical presence!'

Like we said before - 'Do as I say, not as I do' - is the BCS motto!