Summer 2007

Please compare the following statements from HH Bhakti Caru Swami ("BCS"), an ISKCON GBC voted-in guru:

2002 - BCS influenced by disciples

"In the evening we got together again and my disciples celebrated my birthday. The program went on till about midnight. Initially I was reluctant to accept any worship or festivities with me in the center on that day. However due to the persuasion from many of my disciples here I complied to their request and I did realize that there was a need for such a ceremony also for their sake."
(BCS Letter, October 3rd, 2002)


2007 - BCS says only fool influenced by disciples

"To say that Ganganarayan is influencing me, literally means that I am a fool who does not have any ability to decide for himself. Rather he is manipulated and controlled by his disciples."
(BCS Letter, April 3rd, 2007)