We have already reported on the *2* failed GBC attempts to expel the IRM devotees. Frustrated at their humiliation, the GBC/Guru club has now decided that if they cannot take 'Mohammed away from the mountain, then they will just take the mountain away from Mohammed!'. That is, having failed to expel devotees from ISKCON temples, they are now attempting to take the temples away from the devotees. Thus they have now hatched a plot to try and seize part of the Calcutta temple. This is the large prestigious pandal and function hall, which our members use for holding programs. It is the same part of the temple, incidentally, which as we reported previously, was mysteriously burned down when we were attending to the mammoth Ratha Yatra festival in 1999. Now Bhakti Caru Swami (BCS) has proposed the following resolution to allow Mayapura to seize and take over this section of the Calcutta temple:

"That the ISKCON property situated at 22 Gurusaday Road, Calcutta 700017 be managed by ISKCON Mayapur branch. H. H. Bhakti Purushottam Swami, Dayaram Das, Jagadartiha Das alias Jayant Kumar Saha are authorized to take charge of it on behalf of ISKCON Mayapur branch, together or individually and use the same for the objects of ISKCON. They shall be truly responsible for maintenance, management and utilization of the property on behalf of the society and may authorize, engage, employ, remove, suspend anyone, they think fit to carry out the required duties at premises 22, Gurusaday Road, Calcutta. All concerned will abide by the decision(s) and/or action(s) taken by them jointly or severally, henceforth including Adridharan Das, Sattvik Das and other devotees, officers and employees now acting at their behest.

In exercise of their aforesaid authority they are empowered to approach jointly or individually all government authorities and court of law if necessary. This resolution is to take effect immediately."

BCS has also offered the following reason as to why this resolution should
be passed:

"1. It is observed that the property at 22, Gurusaday Road has not been properly utilized till now for promoting the cause or activities of ISKCON. It is now desired that the property may now be put to proper use consistent with the objects of ISKCON, as well as for the fulfilment of the ideals of the Society."

Now this has to be the height of hypocrisy even for BCS, who as we have shown is the master in practising this Kali Yuga art. For over the years, no one has availed himself of the facilities at 22 Gurusadaya Road, more than BCS, as he would waft in with his followers and help himself to the lavish banquets which have been held by different parties. He never once thought then that the place was not being 'properly utilised'. Nor did he think that the place was not being 'properly utilised' when he was using it for months to film his 'Abhay Charan' series. Indeed he has been helping himself very nicely to the facilities of this place in the previous years. Now that we have declared Calcutta a 'bogus Guru free zone', he claims that the place is not being 'properly utilised'. It is clear that there is nothing that this person will not stoop to in his pursuit of power and worship. Indeed as those who have read our other articles on BCS will know, we should not really have expected any less from BCS.

He has proposed this resolution to the ISKCON Bureau which is the entity registered in Bombay by Srila Prabhupada in 1971 and which actually controls all the ISKCON properties in India. The majority of the members of the Bureau are ISKCON Gurus and their disciples. Having had their plans to kick us out of ISKCON stayed by the court, BCS has proposed this very sneaky plan to get rid of us through the 'back door' so to speak, by taking the actual ISKCON properties off us. Dayarama, the head of Mayapur, and also one of the 8 named in the 'abetment to suicide case', who has been named to take over the Calcutta Temple Property, and who has witnessed at first hand the many defeats that the IRM has inflicted on the GBC in the courts, has already been boasting about the beauty of this sneaky plan. He has been bragging that the Bureau had already arranged to have the majority of the votes for this resolution 'in the bag', before it was even sent out, and thus there is no way that I can beat it. Which of course is technically correct. This is why I said it was a sneaky plan.

Many Temple Presidents in India are watching these developments nervously, for the implications of this resolution reach far beyond the IRM. If this resolution succeeds, it means that the ISKCON Gurus will be able take the Temples of the Temple Presidents at will, by simply 're-assigning' them to some other temple. In this way any TP in the future who did not toe the line, over *any* issue, could simply have his temple 're-assigned' to a GBC friendly Temple. And with the Gurus and their disciples having an in-built majority on the Bureau, they will always be able to pass the necessary resolutions.

Watch this space!