Email from Sivarama Swami

(JPS = Jayapataka Swami)

<18.9.03 11.32 + 0200 to Bir Krishna das Goswami (33743)
Reference:Text PAMHO:7254400
Subject jps again

My concern about this meeting is that we have a clear strategy to deal with

From my understanding, this meeting is not really about determining guilt.
That is fully established as far as I am concerned (or better take me off
this meeting). It is a matter of how to deal with, restrict, constrain JPS
in a way that does not break him, his disciples and also protects the
Society from him.

Such a meeting could take as long as negotiations with him. So perhaps that
could be put into the equation. I would suggest at least the first half day
discussing together.

From the evidence I would say that he is a sick person, obsessed, and that
obsession makes lying or duplicitous behaviour fully reconcilable with
service to Prabhupada and KC.>