Poison Theorists Attack ISKCON Revival Movement (IRM)

by Yaduraja Das


 11th March 2005


Ever since 1997, when the website “Vaisnava News Network” (VNN) first carried allegations that Srila Prabhupada had been deliberately administered fatal levels of the poison arsenic by some of his senior disciples, the issue has become increasingly controversial and divisive.  The first book written on the subject, Someone Has Poisoned Me (1999), increased the vitriol and finger-pointing whilst offering little in the way of real, hard evidence.  Even its title was unfairly taken out of context - it was never the unequivocal statement of fact by Srila Prabhupada that it tried to imply.  A second book called Judge for Yourself (Bhaktivedanta Investigation Force, 2003) appeared to add little in the way of new evidence pertinent to proving its case.

Whilst co-operating with investigations into the circumstances surrounding Srila Prabhupada’s departure, with the ISKCON Revival Movement (IRM)’s member Adridharana Das having answered questions from various parties as to his recollection of events surrounding Srila Prabhupada’s final days, in the main the IRM has decided to concentrate its efforts on re-instating Srila Prabhupada as the sole initiating Guru for ISKCON.  The IRM sees this as both more urgent and easily proven through signed documentation.  The IRM believes that resolving this issue will both revive ISKCON and drive out the ersatz Gurus who are currently making ISKCON a laughing stock.  The poison issue has yet to yield any hard evidence, and could only:

1)       At best remove less than a handful of Gurus from their positions (those allegedly involved as accessories to the crime, with the chief suspect Tamal Krishna Goswami having already died), leaving the vast majority to carry on their unauthorized practices.

2)       Be proven at the risk of disturbing Srila Prabhupada’s Samadhi (sacred burial place) to carry out an autopsy.  An act most of his disciples would find completely unacceptable.

There are devotees involved in the investigation into this alleged crime who are sympathetic to the IRM’s position, though as we shall now learn this sense of tolerance is certainly not universal.
Recently, the BIF (Bhaktivedanta Investigation Force), composed of members Mandapa Das, Jitarati Das, Kamsahanta Das, Syamasundara Das and Sakshi Gopal Das, wrote a response to an analysis produced by Krishnakant (KK), the editor of Back To Prabhupada magazine (BTP).  This analysis by KK dealt with two aspects of the poison theory (arsenic levels in a hair sample and whispers on a tape) and made the following 3 basic points:

1)         That arsenic contamination of hair below 3ppm (parts per million) is considered safe by experts in the field of toxicology.

2)        That the book, Judge For Yourself (JFY), written by BIF on the poisoning allegation, did not present a single reference from an expert in the field of toxicology stating that an arsenic level of 2.6ppm in hair is fatally toxic.  (2.6ppm is the level of arsenic which was found in a strand of hair purportedly belonging to Srila Prabhupada).

3)       The allegedly incriminating “whispers” caught on tape regarding poisoning can only be brought into play as supporting evidence once the central allegation of death by way of arsenic poisoning has first been established.

There is a well-known debating technique, used by desperate people who are cornered and unable to reply to a line of argument, called ‘argumentum ad hominem’.  This is where instead of tackling the arguments themselves, one instead attacks the person presenting them.  Of course, even if such personal attacks were justified, they do not necessarily have any bearing on the validity of the arguments presented – for even if a drunk, debauched, low-life, mass-murdering criminal states that Krishna is God, it would still be the truth regardless of the fact that the person presenting this truth is of a very low character.  In fact, engaging in such character assassination is itself an admission of defeat since it is a classic logical fallacy betraying intellectual bankruptcy regarding the issue at hand.  If one is correct, why not just rebut the arguments themselves, rather than engage in the diversionary and wholly irrelevant act of character assassination on the person presenting the argument?

I will now demonstrate that BIF is guilty of precisely the above logical fallacy.  Below I reproduce a large percentage of BIF’s reply to KK.  We will see that most of it is spent not in addressing the 3 points made above, but in attacking KK as a person.  These attacks include the absurd allegation that KK is a paid employee of the GBC.  It attacks the IRM (ISKCON Revival Movement) along with KK’s role in it; it lashes out at Back To Prabhupada magazine, and if all that were not enough, for good measure throws in an attack on Adridharana Das too (another member of the IRM)!
What is ironic is that this analysis by KK that got BIF so hot under the collar was only originally sent privately to one individual in response to some questions he asked.  BIF have somehow managed to get their hands on this private exchange and used it as an excuse to declare a very public campaign against the IRM, whose sole aim, let us be reminded, is to restore Srila Prabhupada to his rightful position as ISKCON’s initiating Guru.  One therefore wonders what BIF’s real agenda is?  

I shall certainly not be bothering to respond to every single one of the scurrilous slanders in BIF’s official release, since to do so would simply play into the very diversionary trap they have so clumsily tried to set.  And in any case, BIF provide no evidence to substantiate their wildly frivolous and incorrect allegations, and hence there is no case to answer.  I shall give a few examples proving that BIF’s accusations are either outright lies, or wholly irrelevant, and more often both.  As mentioned, in logic even if all the allegations were true, it would still not change the fact that the 3 points made in KK’s analysis would remain undefeated.  

All quotes from the BIF reply shall be identified in blue text, and all other words shall be my comments on BIF’s allegations.


A Tirade of Personal Attacks

A) Attacks on KK’s Character
"Like we explained to KK in previous correspondence -  even if we present videos of the crime in motion he would not accept it simply on the basis that he did not produce/direct it. Nothing, other than KK’s own cit takes precedence in his headspace. This malady has now exacerbated due to his breakdown in saddhana. He does not show up for temple programs, and is often seen wobbling along with short pants, thongs, a three day growth, a filthy bead bag and mumbled mantras. How can this blasé approach give access to sensitive spiritual matters, or warrant the doya of Sri Sri Radha Krishnacandra, or advance the understanding of a conditioned soul with a myriad of primary defects?” […] As reported earlier, Krishna Kant, CEO of the IRM multi-conglomerate is rarely seen on the premises, or only shows up occasionally, looking like a pickpocket.”

Of course the fact that KK lives nowhere near a temple is not mentioned by BIF in their desperation to smear him, and this being the case it would be rather difficult to even make such observations.  

"So what has KK done to investigate further? NOTHING. Instead, this gum-bum-Guru sits at his PC and criticizes everyone and anyone who is not subjected by his cawing. […] But not one of these mavericks informed law enforcement, or initiated pathological tests.”

The person whom BIF entrusted to circulate this nasty response, PADA or Puranjana Das, has also done nothing practical by way of initiating pathological tests etc.  Yet he is not criticized for this, but rather used by BIF to circulate their lies and smears.  

"Nor has the court made assessment of the evidence/deponents/affidavits, but KK is already crawling around inside Madhusudana’s stomach like a blind maggot. Homicide investigations demand trained personnel with professional expertise. It is not a field for cocooned analyst who use murder as a political football**, or exhumation as fear to endorse their GBC-pada "position papers."
"We attempted to zapp this information to Mr. KK in the past, but there was a cranium penetration problem, and we don’t stock jackhammers.”
 "Actually - no one is qualified re. "arsenic levels" except Kaw Kaw and his GBC superiors. So we have already asked this pop-top-purusa to give us the names of his NAA Gurus. If he doesn’t have one, we are prepared to talk with his phychiatrist so we can work up to his levels of "homicidal implications".
 "Which does not present any contradiction to what is already stated. But here he is again, saying- "2.6 aint adding up to 3". What he needs to understand is that in his case ADD equals Attention Deficit Disorder. There is nothing we can do to help.”
 "But we have no doubt why KK says what he says. Pagale kina bale, chagale kina khaya-  A madman can say anything, just like a goat can eat anything.  Even if we could persuade a goat to renounce Mars bars, we could never bestow sanity on a lunatic.”
 "To this point in KK’s political career- he has “lost” the case against the GBC; has made the implementing of Srila Prabhupada’s ritvik dictate practically impossible; has created schisms within Srila Prabhupada’s family and within ISKCON at large; convinced devotees to join him and then left them exposed for his GBC bosses; has not reformed or revived any aspect of ISKCON, but rather, has created only division and chaos. KK’s IRM web site Front Page is an altar dedicated to his inflated ego, and is adorned with the scalps of devotees he "defeated" in debate.”

Conversely we are expected to believe that BIF launching an endless campaign that Srila Prabhupada was poisoned by certain members of the GBC has not created any schisms, division or chaos in ISKCON, but only unity, peace and harmony!  It’s amazing how when one is so desperate to find fault, one will literally say anything, without even thinking!


B) Attacks on KK by claming he is a GBC supporter  

"Has he ever discussed directly with any authority other than his GBC bosses, and the pixies down the end of the garden?"

"So where did he get the idea that giving the crime a medical stamp of approval, legalised it? We are glad you asked. Here is
KK’s long time secret benefactor; the (late) chief suspect in the poisoning of Srila Prabhupada - Tamal Krishna (NTIP 146p):
-"Some have suggested that even if no one intentionally poisoned Prabhupada, the medicine he was given acted as poison."
So what about this KK bird - is he swallowing GBC worms or what?"

"It becomes obvious that KK is here banging his head on behalf of the GBC. What would be his interest otherwise? He has not cawed about this issue in years. As soon as we initiate legal action, up he flies like a GBC-fed-jackdaw. Nonetheless, he doesn’t have a clue re. endogenous/ exogenous contamination. He shows no inkling of NAA procedures in application."

The analysis by KK was actually done on 10/10/2004.  Legal action was not initiated and announced until almost 2 months later on November 25th.  Hence the analysis could not have been generated in response to BIF initiating legal action as claimed.  

"KK now decides that Dr. Callery’s attestation of Dr. Morris’ findings is irrelevant because ... multiple choice: 1) GBC raised the anti to four chapattis. 2) Misses Tamal. 3)  Discovered that Mars bars come from Venus. 4) Talks nonsense when necessary."
"We have suggested to KK in past correspondence that he quit raving like a GBC butt-kisser and produce one expert who will in any way challenge the statement of Dr. Morris, the affirmation of Dr. Callery, or the facts presented in JFY."
"Now this KK sucker, verbally defecates in an attempt to slip the noose and take the GBC cabal with him."
"Waiting, waiting, waiting.  Waiting is now KK’s dharma.  Waiting for the GBC to become ritvik; waiting for the court to convict the GBC bomb-blasting terrorists; waiting for donations; waiting for JPS to stop running; waiting for Adri to stop running; waiting for the GBC’s "incest promo" to be made law; waiting for the courts to indict the GBC for making false rape charges all those years ago; waiting for the "mass GBC fraud uncovered by the IRM" to cover itself again;  Waiting, waiting, waiting, and KK is doing all this as a great spiritual sacrifice to the IRM cause  Wow.  The question is- Is KK a GBC mole or an IRM martyr?  Either way, his GBC affiliation and "failed mission" is now public knowledge.”

This peculiarly disorientated fixation on KK, (who has never had or ever supported any bogus ISKCON Gurus, nor lived in an ISKCON temple under the bogus Guru regime, but has instead helped initiate a court case against the GBC and write 150 papers defeating them along with numerous newsletters and issues of BTP magazine exposing them), as being a big supporter of the GBC is comprehensible only when the history of BIF is known.  The fact is that the above mentioned members of BIF, until not too long ago, were all merrily supporting and following the bogus Guru regime.  Their illusion was ironically only broken by reading KK’s The Final Order (TFO).  Jitarati and Kamsahanta in particular have a long history of financing and supporting Tamal Krishna Goswami.  One member of BIF, Sakshi Gopal Das, confessed the following in a letter he wrote to the IRM addressed to Adridharana Das:  

"Had I not visited Sri Sri Radha Govinda mandir (Calcutta temple) in the mid-nineties, I would probably still be in the ISKCON thana (camp). It was only after you sat me down and gave me the source on Bhavananda, Sathadanya and the others that my eyes were truly opened. So there is much to thank you for."
(Letter to IRM from Sakshi Gopal Das, 28/12/2000)
Note – Bhavananda was one of Sakshi Gopal’s previous Gurus.


It appears that a defense mechanism is in play here.  One senses BIF members are trying to deal with their very real and recent support for and affiliation to the bogus GBC, by projecting all that guilt onto the IRM’s innocent founder Krishnakant, who had nothing to do with the bogus Gurus, much less give them millions of dollars.  At one point as part of that defense mechanism, Kamsahanta, backed by other BIF members, went on a global campaign falsely claiming he had co-authored The Final Order.  This was easily
disproven and so a new line of attack has emerged.  We now have the absurd “KK is a loyal GBC man” allegation.  According to BIF’s reasoning, the GBC must be backing the printing and distribution of Back To Prabhupada since KK is such a loyal man.  Yet the GBC have not seemed too keen on the publication to date, indeed it is banned from every ISKCON temple in the world.  If BIF were correct, one wonders why it is only on IRM members that the GBC carry out orchestrated attacks, beatings and expulsions, not the five members of BIF.  I leave it for the reader to judge the credibility of this new line of attack by BIF against KK and the IRM.  


C) Attacks on KK and IRM  

"Yes, and we are quite content to have KK sit on his backside while others corroborate the evidence. Why? Because we know that with all the evidence provided him by senior disciples of His Divine Grace, he still managed to slam the Guru issue into a wall. In the process, he also lost Kolkata Mandir, the Gurusaday property, Adri’s position as TP and initiated Adri’s on-the-lam lila. Because of the wonderful preaching being done, Krishna saved Bangalore Temple from the GBC, otherwise KK had set it up just like Kolkata, for GBC possession. We also know that KK’s caw caw helped to win him support, using which, he exhausted support for the “reformation” as a movement. Many temples/devotees abandoned the reform movement because of his GBC leanings, e.g.- "IRM members are not to propagate any literature or messages to the effect that Srila Prabhupada was deliberately poisoned. Rather they are instructed ... (Nov 15th ‘99). We also know that Srila Prabhupada, in four years, established fifty-five temples and made four thousand devotees. KK’s New York temple, which he has boasted about for the last four years ("Hare Krishna Explosion begins in New York as IRM temple opens" 6/17/00), is a hired property that has made one devotee, if that. And we could find no evidence, not even a designated office, which confirms Sri Sri Radha Krsnachandra Mandir Bangalore, to be "IRM Head Quarters."
"Attention junkies are shameless. By pasting a few quotes from off the internet that don’t in anyway contradict expert opinion, KK attempts to debunk accredited opinion and establish himself as superior. Never mind that this acarya was whipped into submission by his GBC bosses, he still touts himself a front-runner in the intellectual stakes. His convolutions have been divinely tagged by the contradiction -  Krishna Kant ...... when we all know that Krishna can. Krishna can, but wont, because of Krishna Kant. And that’s the IRM story in a nutshell.”
"Why, doesn”t KK tell us why? Why make insinuations where facts are necessary? But then again, KK has a well established reputation for saying anything that helps him through the night. Here are some examples: (IRM Newsletter headlines). GBC funded video says ritvik is "spiritual" (9/11/00) ... Oh yeah? GBC teaches that "Living Gurus" not required (6/30/00) ... Really? GBC promotes incest (9/2/00) ... Give us a break, KK. GBC declare all out war (9/22/00) ... Yep, eleven aksauhinis were deployed, so KK took the offer. Jayapataka admits he is on the run (9/29/00) ... then Adri stole his running shoes. GBC fails in second expulsion attempt (2/29/00) ... but they got Adri on the third.  IRM expands into Australia (12/19/00) ... they are now competing with Tasmanian Tigers for incest rights granted by the GBC. IRM releases its first brahmastra (2/19/01)... turned out to be a boomerang thrown by a Tasmanian Tiger. Poison theorist finally agree with IRM (7/4/01) ... Sure. We all sat down and munched on KK’s favourite snack ... arsenic-laced Mars bars. IRM granted prime Kumbha Mela site (12/19/00) ... and as a thank you, they left behind USD 8,000 in unpaid debts. Massive GBC fraud uncovered (7/4/01)... so Adri started running. Massive bomb blast reveals GBC terrorist campaign 10/22/01) ... massive sensationalism reveals hack IRM journalist. The GBC admits its Gurus are unauthorised (12/12/02) ... so the GBC and IRM sat down and munched on KK’s favourite snack ... arsenic laced Mars bars.. IRM expands into Russia (5/9/03) ... and are still there, building an iron curtain for KK. We will stop here. If readers feel sick reading this stuff, please spare us a thought.”

In the last section we saw BIF concocting out of their imagination the absurd allegation that KK is actually the greatest supporter of the GBC!  Above however, we see clear evidence of BIF actually defending the GBC.  For instance, BIF finds it unfair that we accused the GBC of promoting incest in one of the IRM newsletters:  

> "GBC promotes incest (9/2/00) ... Give us a break, KK"

Yet in this newsletter we were simply repeating Srila Prabhupada stating that a Guru having sex with his disciple is akin to an act of incest: 

“Even from moral point of view, a disciple is just like daughter. And this man was having sex life with his disciple. And he’s a yogi. Just see. Even he has no  moral sense, apart from spiritual knowledge. According to human social constitution, one should not have sex life with daughter, with mother and sister. And what is this? If one has sex life with daughter, then where is the moral life?”  
(Srila Prabhupada, Room Conversation, May 31st, 1974)
And we had correctly reported in the newsletter that one such Guru who had had sex with his disciple, Rohini Suta Das, had been sanctioned by the GBC to continue acting as Guru to his disciples. So a Guru commits incest with his disciple, the GBC respond by saying that he continue acting as the “good as God” Guru to his disciples, and BIF thinks we are being too hard on the GBC.


Hence, out of desperation to find anything at all to say against the IRM we see BIF adopting a defensive posture in
favour of the GBC and hence in favour of such deviancy.  In trying to  discredit the IRM’s newsletters, which are all simply attacking the GBC, we see BIF and the GBC have something very strong in common – they both think our attacks on the GBC are unfair. However, what makes this stand of BIF even more hypocritical and desperate is the fact that one of the members of BIF, Sakshi Gopal Das, previously had the following to say about the IRM newsletters he and his colleagues are now attacking:
“Thank you for your IRM newsletters, we enjoy it very much and must confess; the material is unique in content. What the newsletters say is that the IRM is not just outside ISKCON but inside as well.”
(Letter from Sakshi Gopal Das to IRM, 28/12/2000)
Note this letter was written AFTER the majority of the newsletters which BIF attacks above were written.

Hence it is clear we are dealing with a group which will say anything at any time simply to serve their hate-fuelled agenda.


D) Attacks on BTP
"Nor do we see this scavenger active in such a field. He should stick to eavesdropping on pamho, hiding under beds, and peeping through keyholes for his BTKK material. […] He is now involved with publishing a propaganda magazine that is going nowhere except to exhibit his "knowledge", which he equates to power, which in turn assures his upkeep.  He once told a devotee in Canada that he could argue any side of the "Guru issue" and still win, which exposes him as a self-centered egotist with a superiority complex.   Bearing all this in mind, we request devotees to carve the influence of this grub, by immediately deleting his emails without distribution.  We also strongly request those who are taken in by this twister, to pull the plug on his support system; remove/replace him with a view to his spiritual betterment, and to insulate Vaisnavism from his sick sensationalism. […] Please don”t pollute our consciousness with any more emails or boring magazines from this sicko."


E) Attacks on Adridharana Das
> "waiting for the Kumbha Mela eight-grand-debt to liquidate itself before Adri’s vacation to the big-house in Allipore."

Here BIF mockingly refers to their hope that “Adri” will be jailed as a “vacation”.  The “big-house in Allipore” is the Calcutta Central Jail.  Not nice at all.
So from all this we know that BIF alleges that KK is a:  

Thong-wearing, grubby pick-pocket-looking, gum-bum Guru, blind maggot, cocooned analyst, madman, lunatic, self-centered egotist with a superiority complex, scavenger, twister, sick sensationalist, sicko, verbally defecating GBC butt-kissing sucker, GBC-fed Jackdaw bird, GBC-whipped attention junkie, with an inflated ego, has a cranium penetration problem, with attention deficit disorder, talks to pixies in the garden, and has TKG as his long-time secret benefactor!

Phew!  According to BIF we are obviously dealing with a contender for the most vile and sickest individual of the millennium!
However, none of this addresses the 3 points regarding the poison issue originally made by KK. Rather, such a vicious, long-winded attack merely confirms that BIF have no response to the 3 points.


The above constitutes the majority of BIF’s reply, the remainder of which also failed to deal directly with the 3 points, but was at least free from personal attacks.  We will deal now with these remaining points made by BIF.


Other Irrelevant and False Points

1) ‘KK and Adri Heard Poison Complaint’  
"Yes, SRILA PRABHUPADA SAID that he was poisoned. In the absence of audio recording (a large number of tapes were missing/ removed after Srila Prabhupada’s passing), we must accept the evidence of perceptive witnesses:"

This is a startling confession made by BIF.  BIF here confirms there are NO audio recordings of Srila Prabhupada stating he was poisoned, just as the IRM has been saying all along, and therefore, claims BIF, we must instead rely solely on the statements of “perceptive witnesses” – which is basically people like Bhakti Caru Swami and Tamala Krishna.  Hence, according to BIF the case for Srila Prabhupada stating he was poisoned is not based on any evidence coming from Srila Prabhupada, but rather on the words of the alleged murderers themselves, who are now opportunistically upgraded by BIF to being “perceptive witnesses”.  

"we must accept the evidence of perceptive witnesses: those who were there and heard His Divine Grace SAY that he WAS POISONED. Here, again, is the evidence as per documented statements of 1st hand witnesses:"

BIF then proceeds to give a list of the names and “documented statements” of these “1ST hand witnesses” who “were there”.  Nestled in this list of 10 which includes the Ayur-vedic doctor who treated Srila Prabhupada, Tamal Krishna and Bhakti Caru, are the names KK and Adridharana listed as witnesses nos 8 and 9!  So now KK, as well as supposedly being all those horrible nasty things I quoted earlier – “madman”, “lunatic” etc. – is also supposedly a “1ST hand witness” who “was there”!  So in 1977, at the age of 10, little KK is supposed to have left London for Vrindavana, heard Srila Prabhupada saying he was poisoned, and then hopped back to London again without anyone seeing him!  Or maybe he took help from those pixies at the bottom of the garden he is supposed to talk to regularly!  Indeed, KK is quoted as saying:  

"It seems from this that: Srila Prabhupada had been taking arsenic, either via the Makara-dhvaja or other medicine; and that the doctors stated this arsenic administered via medicine was acting as poison."

However, BIF deliberately conceals that the above statement by KK is made specifically in response to the following quote from Bhakti Caru Swami:

Bhakti-caru: Pressure is good. When Dr. Ghosh came, that other Dr. Ghosh came... (Hindi) .pressure, 180 and 80. (Hindi) He’s saying that in this condition, Prabhupada can’t take makara-dhvaja. That any medicine that contains mercury and arsenic is poison to him.”
(Room Conversation, 28/10/77)

So KK commenting on Bhakti Caru commenting on Dr Ghosh's medical opinion, suddenly becomes elevated to KK being “there” in the room with Srila Prabhupada commenting on what he heard Srila Prabhupada say to him as a “1st hand witness”!  Such an egregious example of deceit is just amazing!

Also Adridharana is quoted as saying:

"He told me that Srila Prabhupada was referring to the fact that the medicines he had been given were poisonous.”

So here Adridharana is referring to what the Kaviraja told him – that’s the “HE” in the sentence above.  So once again, Adridharana reporting what the Kaviraja told him is elevated to Adridharana stating that he heard, first hand, Srila Prabhupada tell him he was being poisoned.

The above allegations regarding KK and Adridharana were made *3* times in BIF’s reply.  BIF obviously thought it was onto a winner with the “KK was in the room with Srila Prabhupada” allegation.  Deceit such as this can only make the discerning reader seriously question if anything BIF says can be taken seriously.


2. The Whispers, and Blasphemy of Srila Prabhupada
"No! The whispers were CORROBORATIVE evidence in an ongoing investigation, and are now annexure in a submitted Writ.”

But WHAT is it the whispers are corroborating?  There has to be SOMETHING to corroborate.  So you would FIRST need EVIDENCE that death by poisoning actually took place, which the “whispers” could then support/back-up/corroborate/supplement.  If the poisoning itself did not take place, the whispers supposedly saying it did, become irrelevant.  This is an obvious point.  (And as we have seen, and will see, BIF has yet to produce evidence for “death by poisoning”).  Hence BIF here essentially agrees with our point that the whispers in and of themselves do not prove anything.  

"So first KK implies that Srila Prabhupada imagined the whispers, and that audio forensic analysts - Jack Mitchell, Dr. H. McCaffery and Tom Owens are idiots.”

This is just another fictitious allegation.  As we saw from the point above, KK had merely stated that the whispers on their own do not prove anything, something which BIF essentially agrees with.  This simple statement which BIF agrees with has now been elevated to claiming that KK implied that Srila Prabhupada imagined the whispers, and that audio forensic analysts are idiots. Nothing even remotely resembling this was ever said.  More blatant deceit from BIF.

"Why have lawyers annexed the whispers as evidence in a Writ?  And why have two High Court judges accepted the Writ without dismissal?"

Yet BIF do not mention that this Writ which they have managed to get two high court judges to accept without dismissal contains the following blasphemous attack on Srila Prabhupada:

Unfortunately Srila Prabhupada did not devise any procedure to protect the long-term interest of ISKCON from any predatory take over, prompted by selfish motives.”
(From High Court Writ Filed By BIF)

This basically states that Srila Prabhupada was so amiss in his stewardship of ISKCON that “unfortunately” he did not devise ANY procedure to protect his beloved ISKCON.  Is this a statement that BIF should be boasting they managed to get two high court judges to accept without dismissal – that they have put it on LEGAL RECORD the implication that Srila Prabhupada did not know what he was doing and did not know how to run ISKCON?  Which is the same argument sometimes used by the GBC to try and explain away some of Srila Prabhupada’s signed documents like the July 9th 1977 directive and his Last Will and Testament.  


3. Arsenic Levels  

"How many fatal poisonings has KK investigated, even in his wildest imaginings? How many NAA forensic investigators has he consulted to qualify him make such a statement? Can we get even one name from this cawing wriggler? Which NA analyst gave him the "trigger point level" he refers to?”

a) An Neutron Activiation Analyst (NAA) is someone who measures the level of arsenic in hair. Whether or not that level is TOXIC to the human body is determined not by an NAA whose expertise lies rightly in the mechanics of MEASUREMENT, but by pathologists, medical practitioners and toxicologists.

b) The trigger point level of 3ppm (3 parts per million) which KK refers to and which BIF is challenging, was supplied to KK by none other than BIF member Sakshi Gopal!  The following is a quotation supplied by BIF: 

“Detection Of Arsenic”
Toxic Levels: Hair/Nails - 3 ppm

(Criminal Poisoning, 108 p.  Humana Press, US).

(From an E-mail Sent by Sakshi Gopal Das to KK in 2002)
Hence KK’s “trigger point” for the detection of arsenic in hair was simply repeating information provided by BIF themselves – a trigger point which BIF itself is now challenging!

"Unlike KK, who quotes "toxicological literature" from 1965, when NAA was unheard of, the JFY report was based on state-of-the-art techniques, with a view to securing depositions necessary for both law enforcement and judiciary.”

a) KK’s analysis actually gave 4 quotes, including the one from 1965 referred to here, and they all say the same thing – which is that anything up to 3ppm of arsenic in hair is NOT toxic i.e. SAFE. 2 of these quotes were supplied to KK by BIF themselves, and it is interesting that BIF ONLY mentions one of the 4 quotes, but not the 2 quotes they supplied him which KK also quotes, and BIF also conveniently forget to mention that all 4 quotes say the SAME thing.  Thus the fact that one of KK’s is from 1965 is irrelevant.  The four quotes offered by KK are given below, with the first two being the one’s supplied to KK by BIF themselves:  

“Detection Of Arsenic”
Toxic Levels: Hair/Nails - 3 ppm
(Criminal Poisoning, 108 p.  Humana Press, US).

An Minimum Risk Level of 0. 005 mg/kg/day has been derived for acute-duration (14 days or less) oral exposure to arsenic.
An Minimum Risk Level of 0. 0003 mg/kg/day (3ppm) has been derived for chronic-duration (365 days or more) oral exposure to arsenic.
 (Arsenic Profile Levels Used by Pathologists, www.nlm.nih.gov/
"The ugly rumor that has gripped French historical circles is that the British slowly poisoned l”Empereur while he was in exile in Saint Helena, where he died on May 5, 1821, at the age of 51. But the magazine Science et Vie (Science and Life) studied 19 hairs taken from Napoleon in 1805, 1814 - before he went into exile - and in 1821. All of the samples contain massive doses of arsenic, ranging from 15 to 100 parts per million (ppm), it reported on Monday. On average, human hair contains only 0.8 ppm of arsenic, and the maximum limit considered safe is three ppm."
(Reported by Association of French Pathologists, 28/10/2002)

Lander et al. 449 examined hair in arsenic poisoning cases and found a wide range of concentrations, 3.0-26.0 ppm.”
(Lander, H., P. R. Hodge, and C. S. Crisp. “Arsenic in hair and nails. Its significance in acute arsenic poisoning”. Journal Forensic Med. 12:52-67, 1965)
The fact that there are now better methods for measuring the level or arsenic in hair does not in any way change what levels are actually considered toxic.  Unless the human body has suddenly, since 1965, developed new levels of immunity to arsenic poisoning, the same level of arsenic will kill someone today just as it allegedly killed Napoleon 200 years ago.  Hence yet another reason why the fact that the quote attacked by BIF is from 1965 is irrelevant, and again more deceit from BIF.

b) And whereas KK’s analysis contained 4 expert opinions regarding toxic levels of arsenic in human hair, all of which said that anything up to 3ppm is not toxic, i.e. SAFE, JFY (the book on the poisoning allegation written by BIF) as KK noted in his original 3 points, provided NO expert quotes regarding toxic levels of arsenic as measured in human hair, even though they had two such quotes at hand.  But putting these quotes in their JFY book would have destroyed their whole case, since the reader would have followed the advice to “Judge For Yourself”, and judged that the 2.6ppm arsenic concentration found in Srila Prabhupada’s hair was below toxic levels. 


4. Normal and Abnormal Arsenic Levels
"As for ABNORMAL levels vis-a-vis TOXIC levels: what are ABNORMAL levels if not abnormal TOXIC levels?  ABNORMAL = above normal, ranging from chronic to unlimited. All of which is TOXIC”. […]So, Dr. Morris was right - Srila  Prabhupada was twenty times higher than normal.”

If Srila Prabhupada’s arsenic hair level of 2.6ppm was 20 times higher than normal it means that a normal level is only 2.6/20 ppm or 0.13ppm, which means anything above this is abnormal.  And BIF claims here that anything which is abnormal or above 0.13ppm is toxic.  But as we have seen from the expert quotes provided above, two of which are from BIF themselves, only something above 3ppm is toxic.  That is, BIF now claims that toxic levels are actually almost 30 times below what their own expert quotes say.


5. Dr Callery’s Statement

The following statement made Dr Callery, who is a medical examiner, was repeatedly used by BIF as some sort of evidence that the arsenic in Srila Prabhupada’s hair was fatally toxic:

“In my opinion, to a reasonable degree of medical certainty, that this individual, (Srila Prabhupada) with the history of multiple myocardial infarcts and non insulin dependent diabetes mellitus and considering his age would be an individual in frail health in which a chronic administration or exposure of arsenic leading to toxic levels would be expected to be a significant contributing condition to his death..."

Here Dr Callery simply states that a chronic administration of arsenic leading to toxic levels would be expected to contribute to Srila Prabhupada’s death.  He does NOT state:

a)    That 2.6ppm IS such a toxic level

b)  The level found in Srila Prabhupada’s hair was a toxic level which DID lead to his death.

Indeed, he states nothing at all about what constitutes a toxic level, only that “toxic levels would be expected to be a significant contributing condition to his death”.  Surely this is a common sense point.  If someone is ill, then giving him toxic levels of arsenic would contribute further to his death.  But what is that level, and was it found in the hair?  This lack of precision as to exactly what level of arsenic would cause certain death, and whether that level was present, is the crux of the issue regarding the hair sample.  Yet BIF ineptly miss the point entirely.

If Dr Callery actually meant to say that 2.6ppm of arsenic in hair was a fatally toxic level, as BIF claim, then why can”t BIF simply get him to explicitly state that 2.6pmm is fatally toxic, or that the level of arsenic found in Srila Prabhupada WAS toxic, rather than present a general common sense statement such as he does?  Also, why cut Dr. Callery’s statement in half in mid-sentence? Why can’t we see the whole context of his statement?  Why does he not state what BIF are actually claiming?  This was what KK recommended to BIF 3 years ago when he was asked by BIF to review their JFY book – that BIF get a statement from Dr. Callery stating what they are actually claiming if the book is to have any credibility.  Especially since Dr. Callery is the only person quoted in the whole book who is even qualified to speak about toxic levels in human hair. Yet 3 years on we are still waiting for such a statement from Dr. Callery or any expert in the field. BIF would do well to procure such an expert opinion, otherwise their claims, like their attacks on KK, will remain hollow and unsubstantiated.


6. Other Arsenic Experts  

"We then approached Dr. Dipankar Chakraborti, an expert in arsenic toxic levels, who, when told of the findings, declared- "2.6ppm! He will be finished...He will be finished!  So who is KK’s authority?  We would like very much to interview him/her and validate KK’s "trigger level" vis-a-vis the case in point."

a)  The FULL exchange with Dr Chakraborti, taken from BIF’s book JFY, actually goes as follows:

BIF: What are your accepted levels of arsenic?
Dr. C: We take microgram solutions (?).
BIF: How much is it in ppm?
Dr. C: It’s 0. 01 ppm. (Note: This concurs with Dr. Mazumder (Dept of Sanitary Engineering. Govt of Bengal), min 0. 01- 0. 05)
BIF: Tell me...quickly, how can someone living in Mayapur, come up with 2. 6ppm?
Dr. C: Oh, he will be...he will be finished!
BIF: He will be finished? Red Alert?
Dr. C: Yes.

Here Dr Chakribarti does not refer to the level of arsenic in HUMAN HAIR, but the level or arsenic in WATER – two completely different propositions.  This is proven by the fact that he states that they measure accepted levels of arsenic in microgram SOLUTIONS, which means parts per million of arsenic in water.  So the 2.6ppm which the good Doctor refers to is not the arsenic found in Srila Prabhupada’s hair, but the level found in WATER which would “finish” someone who was exposed to that water.  Thus, the toxic level of arsenic in water is elevated to being relevant to the level found in a strand of human hair.  Again, more blatant deceit.

b)  And I have already noted that the “authority” who supplied KK his “trigger level” was none other than BIF themselves.  Hence I give BIF full permission, therefore, to interview themselves!  

"The measurement of arsenic in water, air, or arsenic levels in general, is for the purpose of establishing chronic/acute levels relevant to the human body.”

Here BIF refers to and acknowledges the fact, as pointed out by KK, that NONE of the quotes regarding arsenic found in their JFY book give an expert opinion stating what constitutes toxic levels of arsenic in HUMAN HAIR.  Why instead of giving us measurements of arsenic in “water, air or arsenic levels in general”, can’t BIF simply give us what is actually relevant to the matter in hand – an expert opinion on toxic levels of arsenic in human hair?  

"The book-JFY, has been referenced so that hard-nuts can contact quoted sources for further explanation/ confirmation.”

There would be no need to contact sources for “further explanation/confirmation”, if the sources simply stated that 2.6ppm was a fatally toxic level of arsenic in human hair to begin with.  But they don’t, hence the validity of point 2) made in KK’s analysis, which was stated at the beginning of this paper:

“2) That the book, Judge For Yourself (JFY), written by BIF on the poisoning allegation, did not present a single reference from an expert in the field of toxicology stating that an arsenic level of 2.6ppm in hair is fatally toxic.”



KK’s analysis made 3 basic points:

1) That arsenic contamination of hair below 3ppm (parts per million) is considered safe by the field of toxicology.

2) That the book, Judge For Yourself (JFY), written by BIF on the poisoning allegation, did not present a single reference from an expert in the field of toxicology stating that an arsenic level of 2.6ppm in hair is fatally toxic.
3) That “whispers” caught on tape regarding poisoning can only be brought into play as supporting evidence once the central allegation of death by way of arsenic poisoning has first been established.

We have seen that there is nothing in BIF’s response that even attempts to challenge these points.  Rather, BIF’s reply consists entirely of the following:


a) The vast majority is nothing but a vicious and wild rambling attack on KK, Adridharana, the IRM and BTP.  None of which is either true or relevant to challenging the 3 points KK made.

b) Many statements simply confirming KK’s 3 points.

c) Many other statements which are proven to be outright lies and deceits.

Virtually every sentence of BIF’s reply falls into one of the above 3 categories.


No doubt you will come across more ranting and raving from BIF in the future, trying to convince you how KK is nothing but a cross between Hitler and Mussolini, and the IRM is the modern incarnation of the Third Reich!  I advise that when plowing through their next outpouring, which on past evidence will be nothing more than hot air, one should check to see if the 3 original points regarding the poison issue which KK made, and which BIF have been demonstrably unable to respond to, are in any way addressed.  Clearly you can ‘Judge For Yourself’ – as BIF would say! - whether or not BIF’s reply here has answered the 3 points made by KK, or simply engaged in a vicious character assassination based on lies to avoid answering the points made.  I predict more of the same from BIF.