BIF Supports Exhumation of Srila Prabhupada

In reply to an earlier vicious attack against the IRM (ISKCON Revival Movement) by the BIF(Bhaktivedanta Investigation Force, consisting of Mandapa Das, Jitarati Das, Kamsahanta Das, Syamasundara Das and Sakshi Gopal Das), I had stated that the poison investigation could:

“Be proven at the risk of disturbing Srila Prabhupada’s Samadhi (sacred burial place) to carry out an autopsy. An act most of his disciples would find completely unacceptable.”
(Poison Theorists Attack IRM, 11th March, 2005)

1) In response to the above statement, BIF have not made any attempt to challenge that such a risk exists, or even that they find such a possibility of exhumation unacceptable. On the contrary they say that such a risk exists:

“An exhumation is not the prerogative of claimants, it is ordered by the judiciary based on evidence which demands conclusion. [...]Fourthly, the liability of exhumation may never arise unless evidence is solid, and where suspects persist in denial.”
(BIF Letter, 11/4/2005)

Here they accept that the Judiciary can order an exhumation if solid evidence demands it (and the suspects continue to deny their involvement as they do and have always done).

2) BIF already accept as FACT that such solid evidence which would result in exhumation, exists:

“Tamala Krishna Goswami. [...] Now marked as a suspect in the poisoning of his benefactor, and the subsequent splintering of his holy family. A murder most foul. [...] His Divine Grace was poisoned. Nobody should doubt it. His assassins acted in premeditation and in full knowledge of all the facts needed to bring about an end.”
(‘Judge For Yourself’, Pages 152,154, BIF, 2003)

Their use of the words ‘murder’ and ‘assassins’ makes it clear that BIF has already decided that a murder by poisoning took place - ”Nobody should doubt it”. Hence in BIF’s estimation, murder by poisoning is already a fact and therefore an investigation should result in exhumation, since BIF believe that the solid evidence which leads to exhumation does exist – it simply needs to be discovered – hence their call for an investigation. And BIF must accept that such evidence can be discovered, otherwise calling for a poison investigation to discover evidence which does not exist or cannot be discovered, would be futile.

3) Though in BIF’s judgment, the risk of exhumation is great, BIF state that such a risk is acceptable in the cause of ‘truth’:

“In any case, a government investigation should be carried out to establish the truth. Truth is above all else.”
(BIF Letter, April 11th)

By stating that a truth-seeking investigation, which they accepted in point 1 runs the risk of exhumation, must be carried out because truth is “above all else”, BIF are clearly stating that any resulting exhumation is also acceptable, since ALL other considerations are superseded (‘above ALL else’).

4) And BIF alone are pushing to ensure that such an exhumation-risk investigation takes place, by having filed a writ petition in the Indian courts demanding the judiciary to authorise such an investigation.

Thus in summary:

BIF alone have taken steps that can result in the exhumation of Srila Prabhupada.

BIF accepts that such an exhumation is acceptable.

BIF indeed considers such an exhumation high likely.

(for their position is that solid evidence which calls for exhumation does exist. Indeed they are trying to force an investigation just so that such evidence which can lead to exhumation comes to light, and thus according to their belief the only way exhumation can be avoided is if 30 years later suspects will suddenly confess, making exhumation unnecessary).

Whether they will succeed in getting the court to act, or whether such solid evidence does really exist is another matter. But BIF definitely believe such evidence exists, and thus are actively pushing for an investigation which in their estimation runs a very high risk of exhumation, because they state it is permissible for Srila Prabhupada’s body be dug up in the name of truth. Hence BIF actively support the exhumation of Srila Prabhupada’s transcendental body.

Your servant, Yaduraja Das