BIF Surrenders to the IRM's Position


December 2006

1) In 1999, IRM passes the following resolution, at the founding of the IRM in Malaysia , voted for unanimously by all those present:

“IRM members are not to propagate any literature or messages to the effect that Srila Prabhupada was deliberately poisoned. Rather they are instructed to at least wait until the outcome of the official investigation on this subject. Our position is that there is not enough evidence present currently on which to form any conclusions, and therefore we shall reserve judgement until concrete evidence comes to light. However members are encouraged to participate in any neutral investigation of this issue, that will help uncover the full truth of the matter.”

(IRM Poison Resolution, Oct, 1999)

 2)  A few weeks later, some members who attended the meeting, claim they made a mistake when they voted for the above resolution, and now want to campaign instead that Srila Prabhupada was poisoned. They form a group ‘Bhaktivedanta Investigation Force’, and state this conclusion very forcefully in their book, ‘Judge For Yourself’: 

“Tamala Krishna Goswami. [...] Now marked as a suspect in the poisoning of his benefactor, and the subsequent splintering of his holy family. A murder most foul. [...] His Divine Grace was poisoned. Nobody should doubt it. His assassins acted in premeditation and in full knowledge of all the facts needed to bring about an end.”

(‘Judge For Yourself’, Pages 152,154, BIF, 2003)

3)  After 7 years, BIF’s campaign concludes with a 20 minute documentary on an obscure Hindi programme on Indian TV, in which the BIF spokesman Jiterati Das, announces as BIF’s conclusion on the program that: 

“We are simply for the investigation. We are not trying to come up with an opinion – ‘Oh I think Prabhupada was poisoned. And someone else says oh I don’t think Prabhupada was poisoned’. Both these positions are useless.”

(Jiterati Das, 16/12/2006, Star TV)

 So BIF is formed as a breakaway to the IRM supposedly due to the principle that we must accept that Srila Prabhupada was poisoned, only to conclude after 7 years of campaigning , that anyone who claims Srila Prabhupada was poisoned, like they used to, is USELESS. And instead we must actually adopt the IRM’s approach to simply accept the position of neutrality and accept any evidence which an investigation may find, the very approach which caused the same persons to leave the IRM and form BIF in the first place!