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Guru Maharaja in Hyderabad

Note from Ratnavali dd:

Guru Maharaja gave an historic initiation over the internet on the 2nd of
November which was Rasa Purnima Day. As Teja Gaurangi Mataji written below
he was planning to come to Mayapur but due to the prolonged treatment his
trip to Mayapur didn’t happen. Many devotees had come from different parts
of India thinking Guru Maharaja would be coming to Mayapur. Not to
disappoint them Guru Maharaja made a brilliant idea to give initiation over
the internet. We had two websites one broadcasting the initiation ceremony
in Mayapur and the other jpsvani website broadcasting the lecture of Guru
Maharaja from Hyderabad. As Rupa Goswami says yukta vairagya, to use
everything in Krishna’s service, Guru Maharaja is so expert to use
everything in Krishna’s service. All the candidates were happy to see live
telecast of Guru Maharaja giving the lecture, to hear from him and to
receive his blessings. It was very special. HH Gauranga Prem Swami Maharaja
touched the beads to Guru Maharaja’s picture and then read the name selected
by Guru Maharaja and gave the beads on his behalf to the devotees. Nitai
Gaura Haribol!

Dear devotees,

Please accept my humble obeisances.
Jay Sri Guru and Sri Gauranga!

The plan was that Guru Maharaj would go to Mayapur for Rasa Purnima, but
the therapist had prolonged the accupressure treatment for one more week.
There were about 50 candidates for initiation waiting in Mayapur. Guru
Maharaja has chosen the names for the candidates and asigned his sannyasi
disciple, Gauranga Prema Swami, to give the beads on his behalf to the
candidates. Guru Maharaja has given the initiation lecture via interent that
has been broadcasted on

He was telling on the lecture that relstionship with Krishna is giving far
greater happiness then anything in this material world, but we cannot
experience it because Krishna is not sharing this kind of exchange with
those who are entangeled in enjoyment of material sences. We would be able
to experience it when we get purified and come back to the spiritual world.
Until we get purified maya is going to give us many tests, which we have to
pass before going back to Godhead. Even if we fail the few, but pass
majority of tests, we would be able to go back to Godhead in this lifetime.
If we fail in this lifetime, we’ll get another chance; Krishna is
going to give us as many chances as we need. But we should not be afraid of
maya testing us, as it’s her job to do it. When we get purified and go back
to the spiritual world, she’s going to be the first one to offer us pranam;
she’s a devotee.

On this Sunday, 1. November, Guru Maharaja visited the Menchal farm near
Hyderabad in the afternoon. The land for the farm was purchased by Srila
Prabhupada, and he personally spent sometime there. It has a beautiful Sri
Sri Krishna Balarama as presiding Deities, and goshala with 10-15 cows
there. Guru Maharaja received a warm welcome from devotees who came from
Hyderabad and Secundarabad to see him. They performed guru-puja after which
Guru Maharaja gave lecture. Before going back he took some rest.
The evening arati was over when he came back to the temple. The servants
were trying to take Guru Maharaja to his room to take rest, but Guru
Maharaja was determined to give one more evening lecture in the temple. His
preaching spirit is ever increasing, and it seems that his present health
condition has no power to stop it. As he said on that evening lecture, we
should not try to avoid provoking situations, but rather learn how to
surrender to Krishna in those situations. Krishna is giving us difficulties
and provoking situations to bring up our real nature and make us surrender
to Him. That’s what makes bhakti yoga different from the other yoga systems.

The previous weekend, 24-25 October, Guru Maharaja spent 2 days in
Vishakapatnam that is not far away from Hyderabad. Devotees there made a
beautiful temple and the guest-house on the seaside, out of the city. They
made special room for Guru Maharaja. It’s very beautiful and peaceful place,
and Guru Maharaja liked it very much. He said he’s going to bring devotees
there for the next safari. He attended the program for life members and gave
some gifts to the donors.

2nd November: Guru Maharaja was following the Bishma Pancaka vrata, the 3
level which is Havisya, and all prasadam was prepared according to his diet.
Today at sunset he broke the fast and had a feast together with 20 devotees
who were following Bhishma Panchaka for his benefit.

Your servant,
Teja Gaurangi devi dasi

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